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  1. Hello, A user with name @christiangrey gave a negative feedback to me today for "Trying to refuse a refund". His allegations are false, the bugs he mentioned are partially correct but they do not tamper with the progress of the script. What he did is escalate a problem using snake-like tactics to receive a refund. My Lava Dragons script has been used by so many people, where some of them bought multiple entire local servers to host tens of accounts on as shown in my discord server's media-proggies channel. He himself has used it for 54+ hrs which he claims that they were 54 hrs of torture. I do care about every single customer I get, and I do take every support message very seriously. I tried to help him on my discord server, and promised him that I am going to apply a hot fix to fix the minor bugs (amulet of glory bank loop <-- which can be resolved instantly by replacing it by a ring of wealth which is more cost effective.. I'm still gonna update the lava dragons script very thoroughly, but he caught me in a very volatile period of my life (moving from border to border). I do not believe I should have a negative feedback because of this completely avoidable incident. Note: I apologize to the staff for this headache Thanks
  2. Ok so let me start with addressing your issues with the LavaDragons script, I addressed the other guy that glories won't work unless you have the same type of amulet in the bank, you can easily swap that with a Varrock Teleport and/or Ring of Wealth which are the most ideal replacements. Getting stuck in Lumbridge is a rare occasion and is caused by the new Death Mechanic which I'm going to address very soon. These 2 minor bugs do not explain the reason for the refund as with minor tweaks which I have told the other guy the script will work flawlessly. Also as an extra note: according to my discord bot, you haven't even tried the DefiledLavaDragons script also you haven't asked for support regarding it. It appears that you have read the other guy's support question and asked for a refund because of it. Therefore I decline the refund request for the DefiledLavaDragons script. Now to address your issues with the MTA script, you have reported to me on the support chat that the bot gets stuck in the Lobby but the mini games themselves pose no problem. I have told you that I'm going to release a quick fix for the lobby which occurs to a item id shift with the Pizzaz hat. You haven't given me enough time to address this problem. I'm going to release a hot fix for the DefiledMTA script in the upcoming day to 2. If you still want a refund for the DefiledMTA script, on my part I approve it. Conclusion: DefiledLavaDragons: Refund request denied for DefiledLavaDragons due to (You haven't even used the script according to my discord bot, and used the previous guy's bug claims on the script just to get a refund) and also the bugs you mentioned do not disable you from using the script as I mentioned above. DefiledMTA: I'm going to be applying a hot fix for the pizzaz hat item id shift bug in the upcoming 1 - 2 days. If you require an immediate refund, I have no problem with that. so approved for DefiledMTA.
  3. So you're basically requesting a refund for getting banned while Botting? The bugs you mentioned do not disable you from using the script. I continuously update my scripts and implement new features and patches and unfortunately those minor bugs slipped but do not stumble infront of your usage path. You have used the script for total time of 54+ hours (total of all accounts botted on) as shown by the info bot: Botting is not easy, and getting banned is a 100% possibility when doing it. People have botted using my lava dragons script for months now with some people suiciding for 70hrs+. My AntiPK system in the script is very efficient and instant, updated and improved by using the communities suggestions. Saying stuff like bug-filled and accusing it falsely just to receive a refund after getting banned for Botting isn't something you should be proud of. Conclusion: You have used the script for a considerable amount of time, and the bugs you mentioned can be bypassed by a very simple change in the gear. On my part, I deny your request.
  4. Yeah that'd be weird.. imagine gambling using flower colors
  5. The script works 100% as its used by many people, you probably have something wrong with your setup visit: https://defiled.dev and read the guide for the script Turn on Fresh Start in the DreamBot Settings and restart the client. join the discord server to receive fast support
  6. 7/13/2020 UPDATE 3.2: Update Log: - Fixed Wrong Tab Teleportation Interaction Bug - Fixed State stuck on ANTI_PK in Non-Wildy Bug - Applied some debugging code - Enhanced AntiPK detectability - Cleaned and Reduced System Resources Usage - Added Ignore if not found for item: Chaos gauntlets - Added Protect Item Prayer Automated Handling - Disabled Range Detection on Tridents Bug Fix - Fixed Ignoring Looting bag in the bank bug
  7. Hi, use the automated trial system on my discord server. link is in my signature and the thread. gl
  8. Amazing design and I bet it will be awesome since you're making it. UE4 blueprints influence I see 😛
  9. yup, through the automated trial system on my discord server. link is in my signature and the thread
  10. Defiled


    1000 is the parameter for the countdown amount in milliseconds.. so if you set it to 1000 it'll count 1 second then it'll return finished()
  11. Defiled


    enjoi 😛
  12. Defiled


    save the remaining in a double... stop the timer.. create a new timer with the double amount. //Start a timer Timer timer = new Timer(1000); //1 second //Pause double remaining = timer.remaining(); //milliseconds timer = null; //Resume timer = new Timer(remaining);
  13. The input in the video is in version 1, the script is now version 3.0 a lot has changed. join my discord server to get help 24/7. This guide should suffice, although its on a late update. https://defiled.dev/scripts/DefiledLavaDragons The only thing that was changed in regards to the setup (in comparison with the version of the guide) is the equipment.. you can now put in the full name of the equipment/inventory. so no need to only type "Amulet of glory", you can type it all.. "Amulet of glory(8)" etc.. (tip: just use fetch gear) Please join my discord server (link in signature and on thread) to receive help the next time you get stuck
  14. Nice Job @Neffarion ! Wonderfully written guide
  15. Defiled


    You can use JarFix as @Pandemic suggested, and if that didn't work check out my tutorial:
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