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  1. -removed- Make me an offer, can accept paypal, osrs gp, or btc
  2. I've got a level 108 I want to sell I will sell it for $90 https://www.playerauctions.com/rs2007-account/143434058a!level-108--93-str--85-att--80-def--77-pray--total-/
  3. I started a selling thread for these after seeing this. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17162-selling-7-day-trial-accounts-unlimited-supply/
  4. Hi First let me say I know I'm new here but please have faith in newcomers, I will do whatever I can to make you feel safe dealing with me, I will even provide the accounts first before recieving payment (for the first 2 or 3, then you can buy another 2 or 4 or 6, whatever you feel comfortable with), I'm happy to use a middleman as well, what I will not do is hand over 10+ accounts before payment to a newcomer without the use of a middleman (we need to build trust first). I'm currently running a fully automated tanning bot farm using this method, as I can earn 400k per hour on a level 3, times that by 10, 20 or 100 if you were to buy bonds this would not be feasible as the bond itself costs 3m and you will most likely be banned before making more than 3m profit. I decided to make this thread after seeing another member requesting these in the buying section, and since I know how to get the trial as many times as I like I thought what a perfect oppertunity to start a business and make some extra GP, I'm also profficent at macro coding so I can automate the process of obtaining the trials. Either you can provide the accounts or I will create them for you. Cost per account = 1.25m I accept OSRS GP or any cryptocurrency as payment. P.S. The method is for sale but under no circumstances should you leek it (sorry, I like sharing too but if too many people find this out then Jagex could put a stop to it or just stop the trials all together), teamviewer support can be provided at no extra cost I think that's it! Either send me a private message or here on the thread to start a deal with me, the one thing that I ask though is you post here with your feedback after we're done trading Discord: Aaron C#3318
  5. Level 108 with 93 str, 85 att and 80 def plus bunch of other stats over 60 and many completed quests, only want 55m for it. Would be a great account to start up on, getting 99 str wont seem so far away, great account to build a maxed main on. Edit: I can provide recoverys and email attached to the account and access to that email, I can also tell you the recoverys so you can recover it instead of change the password, I will provide the details first if we use a middleman (if you had more reputation and was VIP/sponsor I wouldn't feel the need to use a middleman), basically I will cooperate in any way shape or form to build trust (I'm new to dreambot, only joined 2 days ago so I can understand).
  6. Perfect script, well, almost perfect is 100% flawless I can tell you that. Here's my suggestions, I hope you add them: 1) If there are noted dragonhide in the inventory it will attempt to tan the noted dragonhide, could it instead detect if noted OR when script is started it banks all inventory then withdraws what it needs. 2) Could you set it up so that the default hide to tan is automatically selected, make it an option so you can still select which hide you want to tan but if you want you can just start the script and click play and it will automatically use the hides available if one hasn't been selected. 3) After adding the ability to select dragonhide automatically, could it then be easily programmed to be started via a command line? Also, I hate to call you a liar, but I ran numerous tests and established that the true tans per hour using potions is 2250, without is 1800... The reason why the 2800 proggy is wrong is because you're writing down the tans per hour right after it tans hides which causes the tans per hour to jump up, the real time it takes to tan is the time from when it withdraws the d hide to when it deposits the leather, not when it tans the leather. The extra 450 d hides that you tan only produces enough profit to pay for the potions (doesn't matter which one you use, they're all the same cost and effectiveness staminas just require less clicking on potions), so for anyone here take my advice or don't, if 20k extra profit per hour (after deducting potion cost) is worth buying and using potions then go for it, but 20k per hour isn't worth it in my eyes I'd rather just keep it clean and not use potions, besides it spends half the time running anyway without potions.
  7. Interested, I would like to buy 10 accounts for 1m. If my presumption on how the bot detection system works then hopefully these will last longer than fresh accounts, depending on if they calculate it by playtime, total level or time since account was created. Also, you aren't honestly saying you provide 1 proxy per account for 100k each? That is an unbelievable too good to be true offer. I want to buy ASAP I sent you a message.
  8. Exactly I'm guessing someone has already figured out the algorithm but for obvious reasons cannot make it public otherwise eventually Jagex will find a new anti bot solution.
  9. First of all, I feel honored that the administrator/developer of dreambot was the 1st to comment and saying my ideas are interesting. Secondly, I really think you should maybe do some tests and have a script watch the cache for changes or something, it would explain why a bot which hasn't been programmed to interact with an NPC will accidentally click that NPC, or walk to a wrong tile, depsite it not being programmed in with that ID or tile coordinates... or a delay in the interface loading which causes the bot to repeat itself until the interface disappears (I.E. tanning leather, click tan all and the interface stays for 1.5 seconds causing the bot to try and tan all again). Live updating cache seems to me like the perfect way to catch a bot... and you got to think as well, if Jagex knew that by instantly updating the cache rather than waiting 2 or 3 hours before doing it then the bot developers would learn this and instantly find a solution, so they would hide the method... Please check the cache and let me know if you find anything, I would feel great knowing that I helped defeat one of Jagex's bot detection methods. Dreambots model being paying once for a script and unlimited instances, literally makes this bot live up to its name, I was over the moon when I learned I only had to pay once for a script to use on multiple accounts and run as many as I please... I Dreambot.
  10. @SexyBeast May I know, is the abusing Jagex system bit to do with their bot detection algorithm? With those 2100 accounts do you just create fresh level 3s and start botting straight away or do some tactic like afking for 1 hour or getting quest points or something like that? I'm guessing it's kept a secret otherwise it would ruin your method if leaked publicly.
  11. Also to add to further proof, there are reports from people saying they were banned but were not botting, they report that they were doing something repeatedly for hours on end, like on mobile just tapping a cannon for 6 hours straight (real post that I read)
  12. Have you ever noticed how if you have a high total level then you can bot for WAY longer than you would be able to on a low level or a level 3 fresh off tutorial island? I believe Jagex use a system which filters out the normal players from the abnormal players, after they filter out the abnormal players they then inspect manually or watch for irregular jerky/repeated mouse movements, they have also been caught switching the bot to another world and teleporting to lumbridge right before banning them (because the bot would break being teleported to lumbridge), I believe they also do things like switch round object IDs to see if the bot clicks the wrong object (dreambot developer wouldn't know if they do this, because Jagex might only try this after they suspect botting for longer than X hours - to hide the method). I believe they filter out players by calculating their average XP/GP gains, their total playtime, their total level, how long they spend playing on average (is there a sudden increase, such as 3 hours average every day to suddenly 9 hours every day). You have to think, they must have a way to detect after all, and I believe the only logical way is using algorithms, that's when they put you to the test. I just thought as well, when mods show bot banning, how do they know it's a bot? Thoughts guys, tell me what you think of my idea, feel free to share your own
  13. Hi guys here's my thoughts on how jagex ban you I've noticed people with a higher total level (and maybe even just playtime but not tested) are able to bot for WAY longer than a low level or level 3 fresh off tutorial island. This makes me think that Jagex have a system which checks first 1) how long have they played for 2) how much exp/gp have they earned in comparison to their usual average 3) if its a new account how quickly have they gained gp or xp They use all these bot indicators (you know what I mean, the things that make you look at a player and go obviously a bot, like a level 3 cutting yews for 4 hours straight, training no other skill and doing nothing but woodcutting). But they don't stop and ban you just for that, no.... instead they use that algortithm to sift through and filter all the legit seeming players from the abnormals, then they manually inspect (view your screen) and watch how you move, and perform tests that a bot would fail at but a human would ignore... little things like changing a banker object id to something else to see if the player then stops clicking on the bank, then they manually ban... Just think they must have some way of detecting bots, and surely an algorithm is what they would use, I'm trying to think up what those factors of that algorithm could be. Starting my own thread on this. Edit: Also take note how if someone only runs a bot for 30 mins a day they will never get banned
  14. Hi I'm selling a level 108, with 93 str, 85 att and 80 def and all other stats are between 50-70. Post your bid and the highest bidder will win! Starting bid is 30m OSRS GP or the equivelant in BTC. PayPal is not accepted as chargebacks can happen. Email access and recoverys can all be given so the account is 100% secured.
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