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  1. I could probably hook you up. DM me and we can discuss further.
  2. Guess someone could've, but im pretty sure the "algorithm" changes constantly. Also, if not mentioned: a thing to take into consideration is how much money is put in to the account. I've been botting for almost a decade on my main account, which has had a constant membership and that i've bought a few bonds too. I think they turn a blind eye on recurring profitable players who are botting for their own gain, not ruining the economy by massfarming.
  3. Yeah, because rs updated yesterday some scripts might not work and need to wait till they update them No but really that might be the case, just hang on a couple of days, be patient.
  4. The script is pending add on the SDN, which may take a couple of days!
  5. Neitiznot Cannonballer This is my second script submission. As i noticed a lack of cannonball scripts for Neitiznot i decided to make one myself. The script is capable of creating 2100+ cannonballs per hour, and around 13K xp/h. The script will stop once it runs out of steel bars. Antiban The script has some build in antiban, such as hovering the smithing icon and hovering the bank when it's almost time to deposit the cannonballs. Setup Start in the bank with an empty inventory and a similar bank setup. Images I would appreciate it greatly if you could send me some nice progress pictures!
  6. Note that the script has a pending add to the SDN.
  7. This is my first ever script submission to DreamBot. A bandit killer that acts AFK in the Kharidian Desert at the bandit camp. The bot will unnote food and potions at Tiles. Tent Support The bot supports all three tents, South, East and South-east. Food Support The bot currently only supports Monkfish, Lobster and Sharks. Potion Support The bot supports Super Combat Potion (4) and normal Combat Potion (4). Emergency Teleport The bot will teleport you to Lumbridge using a teletab if you were to run out of potions or food. Requirements Remember to bring noted food and potions, as well as some Lumbridge Teleport Tabs for emergency teleports. It's also recommended that you wear a ring of life, worst case scenario. Also make sure to wear a holy item such as the unholy blessing and a ring of life. Start the bot at the bandit camp in the Kharadian Desert. Images
  8. Just thought id say hi and give myself a quick introduction. Been playing runescape on and off since 2001, and started botting around the Nexus era. I have worked for the government with Java development for the last couple off years, and have started to write some scripts for DreamBot. Hopefully they turn out good, and you will start seeing some of my scripts popping up real soon Oh well, hi!