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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox

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  1. Well boys this might take a while.. All my accounts are getting auto banned lol
  2. Appreciate the advice yeeter! I already started botting the beginning combat levels, so far he's at 30, 30, 30 with no problems. I'm merching on another new account untill i can get a bond.. since both my accounts got banned i lost about 200m (all from botting of course) so now i'm merching on a fresh of tutorial island account for money so it stays safe XD Made a little over 300k so far today merching straight off tut island.
  3. So hello everyone! I'm enti101, and i'm not new to dreambot. I am however new to posting on the forums! My goal is to get an account maxed with at least 70% of the training being botted! I had a very good account (enti105) which just got permabanned. It had about 150m, 99 thieving (i love the master farmer bot) 99 cooking, and 99 range. Also most of the other stats were over 70. I was botting smithing on it (it was at 69 when it got banned) and i was botting pest control on my pure. They both got hit with the ban hammer (not mad, it was my fault since both bots ran for over 15 hours straight together lmao) so now i'm starting over to try to bot a main and a pure up to good levels! wish me luck! i'm going to take screen shots of botting feats from now on (like when i botted master farmer for 120+ hours while on vacation without it taking a break) so everyone can enjoy my cheating journey!
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