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  1. BUYING AMAZON GIFT CARDS FOR UP TO 80% PHYSICAL CARDS MUST HAVE PROOF OF PURCHASE OR RECEIPT Discord# DezFranky#3629 UNIQUE ID 202483111257309184 Always ask for a PM! I will never refuse Why sell to me? As a long time customer, I know the pain of being scammed relentlessly. I want to give you an honest transaction, because trust is a finite resource and it loses this site potential customers everyday. I want to change the outlook of sellers overall and to redeem ourselves! That's why I'm trying to offer better rates for these gift cards as I start off!
  2. Please message me if there is anyone willing to make a script for me. Essentially it's going to be picking up items. Won't be too hard I reckon.
  3. DezFranky

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    Discord jews at it again!
  4. Sorry for the delay in updates Day 5- Used Mila's Gambling script, Noticing that due to the recent rigged dicing bots that people on F2p are not going to dice at all. I mention this since I will be most likely ordering a private script and starting a CC so that not only the people gambling actually put trust into the system, they know they're getting fair odds. As a gambler myself, I have been fooled once and will not happen again, the other day I was testing the good will of a dicing bot by the name of RollingDice, Says trusted. Watched people dice and I saw 1s for higher amounts, the dude who was advertising his bot by giving it 25m and such would get constant x5 from "jackpot". I tested it with a couple mil and wasn't surprised that I was rolling 1s multiple times. This is the reason why people do not trust randoms, but they will trust doublers like retards, so I'm hoping that once I get this dicing script in order I will definitely have more success. Still waiting for my man @Im A Baller and the gang to get some time after their big release of the GE flipper, which btw is an amazing script and highly recommend as it is still early. They have a discord and constantly look for feedback. I am in the process of getting a server as I'm not interested in VPSs, and plenty reason to believe that higher banrates incur due to this. 16 core opterin 6276. and 92gb+ ram which will most likely be more, it's quite a steal for $550 and the seller is going to give me some extra SSDs which is always helpful. I'm expecting to run a massive farm here shortly. Looking for more knowledge on big server farms such as this Goals - Figure out if I should use Hyper-V and create VMs to artificially make it look like a real computer. -Spoof HWID and MAC, Get rid of anything that may cause it to seem like a VM. Will have to see -I have Verizon Fios, will speed test and bitch at them if my speeds aren't solid over wire. -Decide diverisifying farm, F2p tasks like oak chopping bots (good luck lmao), p2p money-making that would inconspicous - Figure out CLI. Only know some powershell, but I'm confident CLI won't be too much of a task to set up. Especially custom scripts.
  5. There is an issue with it declining. I think it happens when it is overloaded with trade requests. but there is no debugger available for me
  6. Day 2 - Accounts: 1 w/ good play time. Has made 15m this weekend so far. I'm only going for 8 hours and hopefully it can last after jagex hours Profit: 15m Goals: Train another account to look un-botlike and test it this week!
  7. What makes this really random? Can you also add a part in the advertise of % amount paid out so far base off the log or to the effect? Can there be breaks too? Make sure that the gamble finishes before taking a break tho. Make the break random! Can there be a rule that if bot isn't making enough per hour to hop to another world? @milasoftL. Fair gamble!
  8. Starting Cash- 150m Goals for week 12/1 - 12/7 Develop a method to make accounts last longer than a month (due to the nature of my money-making) Upon first ban, discover if I need to change HWID. Have discovered proxies proven ineffective. Especially sites that state they cater to runescape players (avoid!) Proxyfish for example!!! Starting with 1 account with good history for my method, while I train 1 account and will bot it after 24 hours of total playtime
  9. Idk if proxies are even worth it tbqhf
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