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  1. Ive been looking for a nice dice,i tried to make my own cause i didnt want to pay the 13, looks like ill just give in and buy can i have a trial first?
  2. Its confirmed, other people accounts that have the hours on them work. I bought my friends account and used that and it worked like a charm just like the first time. Maybe its just because they were newer bots. If anyone is curious im still going to be testing this topic. I welcome any suggestions Thank you all for the help
  3. You are wrong ive been dicing for awhile now, i have watched other people dice, its not because im docing, its because jagex has something on me. Why would i alone be getting instant bans when i used to get mutes, why would my friend using my script get mutes and not banned. Why would the multiple other dicer in the same world get to keep going while im singled out and banned everytime. Jagex knows its me and i have no clue why it doesnt make sense... its more about me knowing what they have on me at this point
  4. anyone else up for the challenge>? still not resolved
  5. then ive tried it, and it doesnt work
  6. wouldnt a computer reformat do that for me?
  7. apparently, my ip address can not be changed by my isp because it already changes all the time. I've already deleted all the files from jagex but forgot to put that up there my router is already dynamic got anything else? this is driving me crazy lol
  8. Hi, I have an issue with getting my accounts banned, I run a dicer but after about 4 trades i get banned, i used to only get muted. but now it's like Jagex hold some information about me that i can't seem to figure out how to get around. Heres what I've tried: multiple VPN's uninstall reinstall of my client changed the way the bot types used tutorial island accounts that i bought reformatted computer ________________________________________ Here is what worked: using main accounts that i bought letting my friend use the bot on his computer from another location __________________________________________ please this is really killing me, i dont know what else to try other than switching my ISP or trying my laptop in another place with wifi
  9. still for sale? interested in 100 of em
  10. hobomik3

    auto typer

    trying to make a quick autotyper, cant seem to make it type faster what am i doing wrong? public int onLoop() { getKeyboard().type("what to say"); getMouse().getMouseSettings().setWordsPerMinute(300); return Calculations.random(5000, 8000); } }
  11. hobomik3

    trade bot

    Awesome thank you
  12. hobomik3

    trade bot

    i dont know who the player is going to be, is there a way that i could pick their name out of a trade request?
  13. hobomik3

    trade bot

    trying to script for the first time but ive tried for like 2 days to get my bot to find the recieved trade request and find the player who traded them and then trade them back, this player will not always be the same person, i know how to find the code that i want but my problem is knowing how to use it. can anyone help me out? or point me in the right diresctoin on how to find these things out ,thank you
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