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  1. sold 200m 07 and 500m eoc.... fast payment.... quick trades ... best prices around....highly recommended

  2. This script doesn't seem to work anymore. If anyone can get it to successfully sell everything in the bank without it getting stuck in a "waiting" state when there is nothing for it to be waiting for, let me know cause I haven't been able to get this script to work successfully in quite a while. Gets stuck withdrawing from the bank, attempts to sell items that are not able to be sold in the GE, and getting stuck in a waiting state(waiting for items in the GE to finish selling) when there is nothing even in the GE, are some of the issues I have witnessed. I would be careful using this script because you may find it just sitting idle, constantly logging back in after the session times out, and never getting out of this loop until you stop it. Jagex would probably ban you very quickly with this type of behavior. I have accounts looting and trading theyre items to a main account, which then ends up with alot of items. I like to use this script to sell all of those items, but it can put the account at risk of getting banned if I don't monitor it. It's also extremely slow, when you have a full bank, it could take hours.