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  1. imagine being older than 16 and still believing in god
  2. Yeah I figured thats it, how do you go about parsing json yourself? I would love a snippet bro
  3. Im trying to get an connection to a public updating price api but it seems like the connection doesn't go through and I don't see any errors in debugger? does anyone have an answer as to why?
  4. nvm it fixed itself, still not sure what was going on!!
  5. Like 5 minutes ago my script has stopped running, I only added a log message and quickly changed it back after I saw to my shock that the script isn't running anymore but it still doesn't work!! this is the code on which I get stuck
  6. Lets say that I have a class called item.java and in the constructor I am starting a timer, is it possible to create multiple item objects and watch the timers and get notified when they have finished? I would love a snippet, thanks!
  7. This script will skip npc's already in combat and will dynamically sleep until your local player is out of combat before moving on to the next just a basic idea for new scripters so they can hopefully expand on this code (maybe add looting and banking?) have fun!! source: https://pastebin.com/GA0b4pHN
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