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    1. Amazon has sales right now for Echo 5's and Echo 8's. Blink (Amazon) also has sales on their outdoor and indoor wireless / wifi security cameras. Can probably grab yourself an Echo 5 and 3 blink outdoor cameras for $150.
    2. NPC npc = NPCs.closest(n -> n != null && n.getName().contains("npcName")); if (npc != null) { Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().beep(); }
    3. Report broken script button.
    4. Try disabling `Enable Auto Add Accounts` in settings menu and see how that goes for you. Another note Nitpicking here, but looking at the setting menu, it seems a lot of options have a label showing `Enable` before the function name. I think that labeling can be removed and cleaned up as the checkbox implies if those options are enabled or disabled. Ex;
    5. That element allows you to add a image to your local scripts which will be displayed in your Script Manager. That element does not work for SDN scripts from my knowledge.
    6. Long time my friend, hope you doing well.

    7. Don't be so negative. What you described can be corrected with proper bug reporting. Feel free to DM in detail of what is happening and I will try and get it sorted out for you. Also there is a players nearby checker for player count and if there is enough players in the wilderness looting zone, script will shutdown, as there would be no point to stand around in the wilderness all night not doing anything besides dying and running back. 👍
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