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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
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  1. Don't do it! Run! Escape! Separation of wife and scape is key to successful to max skills.
  2. Ya'll to much😂 Putty/ssh = terminal gods.
  3. If you have WinRar installed, right click DBLauncher and select Open With > Java. If you do not have Java 8, I would suggest installing it.
  4. Infidel

    Coffee Thread

    I prefer more of a herbal coffee. (photo from google, but clear idea.)
  5. I understand donations and the principles, you give and expect nothing in return. Great concept and well adapted. I just didn't expect doing so, would cut me off from the little farm I was in the process of setting up and it ticked me off a bit lol. What I was mainly looking to note out and bring attention to is, we know this problem occurs and possible ways of curbing it in an automated fashion, but as you noted above, may cause abuse of the system. The main ideal I am trying to present is creating a safety net / fall back that the client can understand until a more suitable/permanent solution is found. Granted, I get that a lot of user won't ever experience this issue nor purchase VIP and then donate within that VIP time frame using the system in place, so effected users is probably just me and shouldn't be a big issue. Show me where oh colorful one. Lead the way and show me the light! I don't think the peen will get any bigger though. ='(
  6. We all have different tastes in life, so lets see what your desktop tastes like! (Wait .. wut) Clean or messy, in it's current state, upload a image of your desktop and submit it below. Infidels "Out the Box" Desktop
  7. The problem here is, we should be assign a third usergroup to our accounts, not overwriting previous ones. is it the market place software? As I don't remember having that issue using it in the past to assign groups. My experience with IPB started around 2006 after switching from vB, so pretty experienced in the topic to say the less, IPB housed around 200k users for me on my platform. Yes, it's a donation as that word states, but the perks of your other rank is infringed when you do decide to donate, which kills the incentive of donating when you know your other rank will be deleted and you will have to wait for staff members to assign your rank. I should be able to run as many bots as i like, due to my VIP subscription, but since I decided to donate, I am now losing out on that benefit and stuck with 2 clients, when if some fail safe was implemented to fall back on a donator rank, I could be using 4, which I wouldn't mind as much. it might not sound like a big problem due to staff being able to correct the issue, but from a customer stand / time stand point, its really not acceptable. Due to me contributing to the platform, i ultimately lost out on usage, which is unintentional of course, but it happens and will continue happening until we can get it noticed and possibly corrected. Edit: Thanks for third rank back. Unlimited tabs back. Working correctly.
  8. I recently donated while on a VIP subscription today. Wanted to kick in a bit and get a new color to overlay my name. Little did I know, I was about to lose my VIP subscription to the Donation rank, ultimately removing my client benefits that come with the rank and penalizing me for choosing to donate. I am not sure what benefits for higher tier donations, if any apply. So, I would like to suggest Donators get set client tabs per donation tier or ideally, allow for a 3rd group that the client will detect and recognize, so users like me can be Scripter, VIP and Donator and the client will register the VIP til it expires as it should, instead of having the market add-on overwrite my secondary group with donator. Users = 1 tab/client. Scripter = 2 tab/client. $25 Donators = 4 tab/client. (idea, if can't get usergroup working, sure beats getting stuck with 2 tabs) $50 Donators = 8 tab/client. (idea, if can't get usergroup working, sure beats getting stuck with 2 tabs) Lifetime Donators = Unlimited tabs/clients. VIP = Unlimited tabs/clients. Probably not a common occurrence, but implementing some small changes could alleviate some frustrations that I encountered during the process of donating while having more than 1 rank. Earlier topic overwritten: Animated Avatars - They are live and well on Dreambot. A possible increase to file size/image size could be used or possible errors while uploading.
  9. Best place to get DB vouchers. From time of payment to getting your voucher is roughly 2 minutes. Very fast and reliable. Will use again.
  10. 5 years later and only at 399. Those are rookie numbers.
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