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  1. @Im A Baller I think something is broke in script couse client is updated and still have this loop where it open buy offer and resetting buy screen
  2. From what i see script when adding new items to list take his ge limit not item id thats why u cant add this items together couse they both have ge limit 13000. Seaweed id is 401 so compare to my item list it should be Seaweed]401]3]1500]0]0]13000]1]0]0]1]0]0]. Same with impling jar u can see thats limit value is 11260 what is wrong couse 11260 is impling jar id and 13000 is ge limit. Before he fix this i think u can manually switch id with ge limits in balleritems.txt file Edit: Can confrim that some items cant be found when adding them to list but when i start my old list and have them alrady added they normaly work and the price is loaded for them tried it for master wand
  3. I have version 0.60 and have the same problem with items price. When finally this script will work its 1 month since its broke and still cant use it....
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