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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java installed
  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
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    1. Make sure your script has no memory leaks and put FPS to like 3-5. I can run like 13 clients on my laptop with 8gb ram and some i5 processor
    2. @NewProg Thanks! That works perfectly for what i needed. Got all the issues fixed now with your help
    3. So im trying to make my script able to switch accounts and delete the current account from the account manager after the current account is banned. But i ran into a couple of issues doing this The script stops after an account is banned, could you disable this? Also i tried restarting the script through onExit() method but that isnt a good way of doing it as you lose all the variables. When ur in the Account disabled screen dreambot doesnt realize to click the back button, it will just start the script without the login handler So i would have to switch accounts through the
    4. Oh and if those values dont work for your quest then just open the game explorer and go to PlayerSettings page. Then enter the cutscene and check what value just recently updated. then when u exit it the value should go back to what it was before you entered it. So then use that config value and the value it went to instead of those values in that method. But im not quite sure are the values quest releated. if they are then just do that and find out the values urself.
    5. Here's a simple method that will return true if the player is currently in a Cutscene and false if not. public static boolean inCutscene() { if (PlayerSettings.getConfig(1021) == 18624) { return true; } else { return false; } }
    6. Loots Cowhide, Raw beef, Bones at your choice at the Lumbridge cow field and banks the loot to the Lumbridge bank. (Dreambot 3) Features: Ability to choose which items you want to loot from the 3 options. Every action/sleep is randomized QuickStart support. Antiban features: 1 in 65 chance of randomly examining an item instead of picking it up. 1 in 35 chance of sleeping 1 - 3 seconds extra when walking. 1 in 30 chance of only sleeping 500ms - 1.5s when picking an item which will result into it picking an new item or re clicking the original i
    7. Yeah most likely IP is flagged. I tested my looter bot on my flagged ip got banned in 3 hours then i tested it on a free VPN and i ran it for 30 hours straight and no ban, its still not banned.
    8. Nvm. U can just use the Player Setting option in the Game explorer and see the progress when ur doing the quest and get the value.
    9. So for tutorial island for example you can get the progress (Playersetting) With this PlayerSettings.getConfig(281). Where do i find these values? Im trying to make a quest bot but dont know where i can find its config value like tutorial islands value is 281. Or idk how this works exactly.
    10. Wow. Just added this to my script and it works very well. I added random long delays like 0.5 seconds every now and then and the ability to backspace keys if it mistyped them (1 in 20 chance). This is great looks way more human than the dreambot's default one. Thank you for this.
    11. all u need is an auto clicker to bypass the disconnect thing. or just make an empty script and when it gets disconnected dreambot will automatically log it back on
    12. Scripting and java isnt that hard. I hardly suggest you would learn to script yourself. Becoming good at java took me like about 2 months just working on some projects every now and then. When you know java then scripting is going to be easy just learn the API.
    13. Im making an enchanting script. But sometimes it accidently clicks the spell filter option in the magic books center bottom. Then it cant get out of it. Hopping worlds switches it out of it but that isnt really a good solution. So anyone know how i could fix this. like is there a method for dreambot to click the spell filter option so whenever it gets stuck i could tell it to get out of it by clicking the spell filter option if its enabled?
    14. If u keep doing the same action like woodcutting for example. ur woodcutting and banking and thats the only thing u do its quite easy to detect you as a bot. (If your mouse inputs are not 100% human like). You can add stuff like chat messages make a timer that sends a random chat message every now and then. Or add a thing that randomly looks at ur stats and stuff. And maybe even a antiban feature that starts doing something else. like every 3hrs it would run around the map doing something else than woodcutting. then you will be way harder to be detect as bot as your doing all kinds of thi
    15. Eh i guess its fine as it can do mistakes and stuff ill go with it. if theres no easy way of doing this
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