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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Forum Rules


    In order to maintain a positive and constructive community, we enforce several rules across the forums and chat. All members must follow the rules as described below at all times when posting on the forums or in the chat.

    Forum Rules

    1. No Spam / Advertising
    Do not spam the forums at anytime for any reason. We define spam as the posting of irrelevant or inappropriate messages. Do not post links or messages self-promoting or advertising for businesses, services, channels, communities or unrelated threads. Spamming also includes the sending of messages to large amounts of members using our personal messaging system.

    2. No offensive posts, images or links
    Do not post any content which can be considered abusive, defamatory or harassment; this includes but is not limited to any post with content that can be deemed discriminatory based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or national origin. Do not post any material that is pornographic in nature or otherwise obscene.

    3. Personal information
    Do not post personal information or conversations of another user with or without their permission. This includes pictures, names, phone numbers, addresses, private messages, Skype logs, emails, IP addresses and all other uniquely identifying information. The only time personal information may be posted is when it is requested by a member of the DreamBot administrative team in an active dispute.

    4. Do not post copyrighted content
    Posting or otherwise supplying users with illegally obtained copyrighted material is not allowed. Providing information on methods to illegally obtain copyrighted material is prohibited.

    5. Signature image height maximum must be followed
    The total height of all images in your signature must not exceed 360px. You may have multiple 360px images in one line, but not stacked.

    6. Posting on refund requests and disputes
    Do not post on refund request or dispute threads unless you are directly affiliated with them. The outcome is decided by the DreamBot administrative team. However, additional proof that can change the outcome of the refund/dispute can be private messaged to the staff member who is investigating the case.

    Script Rules

    1. Private scripts:
    You can do it. We'd prefer if you put your script on the SDN as a premium script instead. Please refer to this thread for information regarding private script shops. Only Scripter+/++ may post script threads or advertise private scripting. If you're found to be breaking any rules on this you will be warned, and if you continue banned.
    Disclaimer: We're not affiliated with private scripts. We cannot provide security for these scripts, and you purchase at your own risk.

    2. Content
    Do not use code you did not write yourself without permission from the author(s) unless the author(s) have made it clear you are allowed to do so.

    Market Rules

    1. Feedback
    Feedback may only be left for a user if a legitimate trade or exchange has occurred in which a non-trivial exchange was made and risk was involved. You cannot give/receive feedback to/from the same person more than once every 24 hours.

    2. Do not impersonate other users
    Do not impersonate another user, doing so will result in a ban.

    For a complete list of market rules, please read the Market Rules.

    General Questions

    Can I create multiple accounts?
    No, creating multiple account is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban on all of your accounts. We check for members with duplicate accounts regularly.

    Can I share my account or use someone else's?
    No, you may only use your account with both the client and the forums.

    What happens if I break a rule?
    Breaking a rule will result in a warning, infraction or ban depending on severity. You can find out more by viewing the table below.

    What do I do if someone is breaking a rule?
    If you feel someone has violated a rule you can bring it to the staff team's attention by reporting the post, thread or personal message in which the violation occurred. Alternatively, you can send a personal message to a member of the staff team.

    What can I do if I believe I was wrongly banned or infracted?
    If you feel you were wrongly infracted, please message a community administrator. If you wish to appeal your ban you can post in the ban appeal section.


    Points & Bans


    The following is a rough guideline, moderators may act as they see fit. The forum will automatically ban users after reaching the points specified below.

    Warning Points
    Spamming 1
    Grave Digging 1
    False Feedback 2
    Harrasment 3-10
    Offensive Content 3
    Advertisement 5-10
    Multiple Accounts 10
    Account Sharing 10
    Scamming 10


    Ban Points
    24 Hour Ban 3
    72 Hour Ban 5
    7 Day Ban 7
    Permanent Ban     10



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