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  • autoGDK[0.3][3hr PROGGIE]


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    Update: 5/23 School/Finals/Work too to work on this. As of now the paint is a bit cleaner/different and the script should be stable for 5+ hours. There's some more I want to do, mainly death solving, as soon as school ends I'll finish this up. Thanks for the patience.


    Also i had 4+ accounts training for this script at chaos druids, but they were all banned just as they were getting into mid 60 combat stats. Funnily the account I've been using to test this script is still going at 80+ range. Plan to recreate those 4 accounts and see if i can spot the line of code that gave that bot away at chaos druids[update if i find a culprit]. Starting a fresh batch of combat accounts over the next couple days.  



    with def of 42 + extended anti fire + decent food

    reccomend: pots, offensive stats 70+, keep withdraw items in same general area 3x3




    ~spam clicks food

    ~world hop sped up

    ~diversified antiban

    ~Loot Bag Full: [true] or [false] paint

    ~Poll~Include world switching on certain #players found?

    -will be reworking combat method tomorrow. have two accounts training melee for green dragons to make sure its good with melee as well



    ~looting bag(fills and loots bag)

    ~loots everything equal to and higher than the value of green dhides

    ~attacks between looting actions for max xp

    -Anti Pk

    ~uses cooked kawas if player is attacking(combo eating at lower health)

    ~uses stamina potion on teleblock, runs edge

    ~uses protect item on pk attempts

    ~uses protect magic on game messages relating to magic

    ~glory teleport on player attack

    ~skulled player within 25 levels found and players not attacking, runs to 20 wild, world hops // want to add distance tracker, if player follows, tele edge


    ~all potion dosages can be specified so you minimize value being taking into wildy

    ~ring of dueling teleport on no food to Clan wars

    ~recharges prayers

    ~games neck back to green dragons

    ~withdraws specified amount of arrows/bolts if ranging on each bank run




    1hr PROGGY - 8 pkers avoided





    roughly 3-4 hours of loot ~ stopped and restarted script while implementing improvements/fixes








    [3 hour Proggie]





    [World Hopping]





    Latest: Run on tele block working 4/5 on evading pkers 


    still want to add: (Striked through = added)


    -prayer flicking

    -protect from prayers -- need to lvl up prayer ---> Planning on goiing to pk world to get a list of all player attack Animations to     activate appropriate prayer. if there is an easier way to accompliish this let me know!

    -protect prayers base on distance of pker

    -better looking paint

    -death restock and return

    -open to suggestions for more features and paint info

    -Paint Info: Anti ban Count, Pks Prevented Count, Death Count

    -longer proggies. 15min  20min 30min 45min  1hr  3hr

    -randomization of withdraw order to prevent obvious bot behavior 

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    Instead of monitoring animations would be better to switch based on enemies weapon.Would be quicker response time.

    That's what I was thinking at first, but I dont know how to identify a players weapon, hopfully i can find something in the API

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    That's what I was thinking at first, but I dont know how to identify a players weapon, hopfully i can find something in the Api


    What anime is it on your profile picture by the way or is it just art?

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    This script will be amazing once it is out.  You do not even need 70 combat stats.  I have ran gdk scripts with 60s and it still runs a pretty good profit.

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