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    Hi, I'm new here. I have a couple questions about botting.


    I started using DreamBot about a week ago, and I've already had about 10 accounts banned. Is this normal? How long do you guys' accounts usually last before getting banned? 


    I've tried using the Break system, but it doesn't really seem to affect my ban rates, even if I bot less than 6 hours a day. Could it be because I'm not using a VPN? 


    I've read a few beginner guides on safe botting, and they all make sense, but it just doesn't really seem to affect my ban rates all that much. 


    I've read that getting to >7qp reduces ban rates, and leveling combat at least a little helps too. Is that true?



    Any other suggestions would be really appreciated. 

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    • Don't bot tutorial island

    Change your IP

    Delete Jagex cache

    Training the account a bit and getting some easy quests done is good.

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    If you bot tut island its good to leave it sit for a few days.

    f2p and free scripts both generally will hinder you.


    Quest points and higher combat/rounded skills seems like a good idea. Not sure about this but it would make sense for it to take them into account, that + membership seems to at least make the bot detection calm down a bit.


    Vpns can hinder you more, if you have a dynamic ip just restart the router if you're worried about the same ip. They might flag accounts by it, but it's pretty rare theyll ban someone soley because of the ip, but a mod has stated you actually can be banned for using a known goldfarmers ip.


    You can use a paid vpn if you want, but it could be flagged already. If you're not running a lot of bots I don't really see the point in a vpn.


    I had a ton of accounts banned on free scripts, ran some premiums and they faired a lot better for the most part. Got a few accounts in only one skill to 60+ and they weren't banned. Bonds will help you quite a bit though in my experience. Although a lot of bans seem a bit RNG, I've ran bots for 24+ hours and yet the ones I turn off get banned.

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    yea everyone got their own way off thinking, I personally do not believe in proxies/getting 7 QP or any of that jackshit but that's just me


    I do believe it helps for your mule to keep safe though (proxy)

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