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  • Does Jagex issue automatic 48 hour bans if the client is detected?


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    No, I have botted 4 accounts at the same time recently. 2 got banned in about 24 hours, 1 at 48. The other one is still not banned after 4 days(stopped botting on him at the 48 hour mark). They were all on the same IP, I didn't bot them 24/7. But they did extend the "average" play time.


    Long story short, they can't detect you're running a botting client.

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    Generally speaking, Jagex usually gives players 48 hour bans to players who get caught doing less severe activites like autoclicking or if they have a long track record of legitimate gameplay (think of it as them pitying you with a warning). 


    As for automatic detection of the client, a reflection client such as dreambot being detected is extremely unlikely opposed to clients that use a combination of reflection and injection (it's much easier to detect if something foreign was injected into your program's memory space). However, that does not mean they can't detect you because they can detect patterns by crossreferencing you with other bots - that's why we use private scripts or scripts with unique anti patterning for each session.  Their patterning detection probably only flags suspicious players for review - then a jmod confirms it.


    But actually,  I don't know what I'm talking about. Pretty convincing though eh?

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    i believe they can detect the client in normal mode. with all the new problems with jagex and 3rd party clients.. they are forcing runelite to shut down or face legal action... i believe that they can tell if you are using a 3rd party client.

    Although i think covert mode works... my account didnt autorenew and i ran non covert for only 1 day and every account i had got banned.

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