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  • 「 Kimbo NMZ Account Creation Service ã€�


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    You give me lvl 3's account login(s)


    You can customize your own account


    ..accepting combat only request(s)..




    Skills will be gained 


     - 1-70 Attack

     - 1-70 Strength

     - 1-70 Defence

     - 1-43 Prayer

     - 1~25 Magic

     - 1-36 Woodcutting

     - 1-31 Crafting

     - 1-15 Agility

     - 1-14 Thieving



     Quests will be completed 


     - Tutorial Island

     - Lost City

     - Death Plateu

     - Waterfall Quest

     - Imp Catcher

     - Tree Gnome Village

     - Vampire Slayer

     - Mountain daughter

     - Fight Arena




    - 42M + bond / account -




    Skype - going.kimbo





    Order form

    What is your Skype?:

    Have you added me on Skype?:

    Payment method? (osrsgp/btc):

    How many do you need?:

    Do you agree to my TOS?:







    Terms of Service

    You will pay upfront to me and no one else

    I am not responsbile for any bans as accounts will be hand made and I do not offer a refund

    I am not responsible for any wealth left on account

     I am not responsbile for account after service is completed

    You will not log into the account(s) during the duration of service. Logging into the account(s) will end the service without a refund




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    - What is your Skype?: lewis.tribble

    - Have you added me on Skype?: Yes

    - Payment method? (rsgp/btc): RSGP

    - Do you agree to my TOS?: Yes

    - How many you need?: 1





    EDIT: Very cheap for the service offered, stayed in contact everyday with progress and it was done very quickly

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