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  • need dice bot for my world 2 dice cc


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    Demonicrage67 my skype

    Hello Guys,


    My name is alex and since one week I am looking for a 'Dice roller bot'.

    Right now I am searching and searching but I can't find any thing :s.


    I hope that you guys could help me out!


    It's for runescape 2007 world 2.


    a bot for in my Friend chat on runescape 2007 that if i say !roll:



    "!roll" will roll a 100 faced dice and say the result in green if 58 or over and in red if 57 and less.


    !dd rolling a 1-12 dice 


    ! flower mabey if u can 


    Here is what i want it to do :


    -Randomly give a number between 1 and 100 when someone type !roll

    -Make the bot be able to say: (Name of the roller) rolled a (random number), better (win/lose)

    -Be able to easily set/edit the number that wins. (55x2/58x2/60x2...)

    -Option to make a certain number a tie. Example : (Name of the roller) rolled a (random number), better need to choose refund or reroll

    -Only allow certain people to use the !roll command (either people 1 banana+ ranked in fc or if its too hard, by adding the exact name of the people i want to allow use the !roll command

    This bot includes a unique command where players can type:


    and the bot will respond with:

    You rolled a <Number> on a 100 sided percentile dice, You <Win / Lose>

    With this reply two types of gambling games can come out of this,

    Obviously your average dicing games (odd / Even, Etc..) Or Win or Lose

    I hope this was clear, pm me if interested !

    Here is also a script that i found what is the same as I want!

    Demonicrage67 my skype if u can please

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