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  • Problem with depleted rocks


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    Hey guys, so currently I have these line of codes in my script to detect iron ore rocks and mine them, and then wait till they appear in the inventory




    the problem is that it click the rock even when it is depleted. What can I change to make it only click the rock when it's not depleted? (Color is brown when it has iron ore, when depleted its gray)


    also, is there a way in which i can make it left click on the iron ore instead of right click -> option mine? I tried iron.click() but it didn't accept that

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    public boolean interactForceLeft(java.lang.String action)


    Now I do not code Java at all or use the API but at a quick look this can be used to force left click with an ingame object such as ores.


    public int[] getModelIds()


    Also this could be used to check if the ore is depleted as the ID should change between the depleted or none depleted. This can be used to only click when the ID is the non depleted version.


    Like I said I could be wrong but give it a go it does no harm ;)

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