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  • Selling Password Protected Socks5 Proxies with a Free IP Change every 8 Days!


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    Hey Whatsup Guys!


    I've been gold farming for over a year now and I cant stress enough the importance of using proper proxies.

    Im selling some awesome & cheap proxies:


    5 proxies for 8$ (paypal)/8m OSRS (30 Days):


    - You can buy the proxies in sets of 5 or higher.


    - You can pick between a 10 day (half price so 4$/4M OSRS) or 30 day period.


    - Locations: USA & Russia.


    - Free IP change every 8 days, all 5! (keep in mind that I have to do this manually!)


    - Authentication by Password.


    - Socks5 (needed for botting).


    - Works with all the botting clients


    - Different subnets to the IP's.


    - Binding to IP Address.


    Hit me up on skype: nom.nom46 if you want to buy some proxies or more information!


    Usually I sell on sythe (got 80+ vouches there), I can link u my thread and pm if needed!
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    Would be interested if I could change the IP auth more frequently, and also do you IP auth as a pack, or can you do so separately?

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