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  • PVP Guide - How to make: 1 def pure, Void pure, Zerker, and Tank:


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    So you want to make a PKing account? Maybe your main is boring. Maybe your main sucks in PvP situations. Maybe you want an adrenaline rush when playing, and from somewhere else besides rare PvM drops or elite clue scroll rewards. Regardless, if you want to pk and need help on how to create your build - here's your guide.

    I'll tell you the benefits of each of these accounts, the negatives, how they compare to eachother - and finally - how to make each one. Now which you choose will depend on how much work you're willing to put in along with what pking playstyle you enjoy. And as a result, you'll have a much better chance at killing people! This is lengthy. If you want to skip to short version, only read the bold parts under the "How To" sections.

    Disclaimer: Don't recommend staking for really any of these accounts. These are geared towards BH and PvP situations outside of the duel arena. Staking usually takes into account different stat progressions that I won't cover here. These guides are for members style accounts only. I won't be covering account builds for f2p accounts because I personally think f2p PKing is extremely boring. This isn't a guide on how to bot these account builds. It's on how to build these accounts, you can decide if you would like to bot each stat or the requirements to get the gear and spells. Also, this isn't a guide on HOW to pk or how to quest, but instead how to make accounts that are pretty effective at PvP content.

    Things to remember:

    • None of this is set in stone. These are ways to get the bare minimum of what distinguishes you as a 'finished build'. Afterwards, you can train to make your finished/quested pure a maxed one. Or not. You don't have to follow every step either; skip what you don't like. This is your account.
    • A lot of these quests have requirements that other quest rewards may give. You can do them in any way that you prefer and include other quests that give you experience to unlock others, but keep in mind that you want to avoid certain stats depending on your account.
    • "Lose": When I say lose in the build comparisons, I mean "can't fight anymore." Either you've died OR you've run out of food.
    • Combat levels: Take these with a grain of salt. These are to help you understand when fights become a bit closer. For example: 1 defence pures at 60 combat will usually beat a zerker pure at the same combat because of the huge difference in stats and KO potential. At ~80-85 combat, these tend to even out; especially if the zerker has veng. Doesn't mean the 1 def pure will always lose later on; but things will definitely become a bit more challenging than fights a few combat levels before.
    • Comparisons: How they face against other accounts truly depends on PK style and who is pking; these are just on average results.
    • And finally, none of this is perfect. Everyone has their own way to do things, but this is the way I've done them from my years of pking on RS. From maxed 1 def pures to maxed zerks to 99 range/99def tanks.

    1 Def Pure

    • Low Combat (looks more bad-ass when you have low combat level with multiple combat 99s as opposed to a 100+ cb level w/o a combat 99 stat)
    • Less risk on death
    • Really high KO potential
    • Fairly easy to make/doesn't require much investment outside of training
    • Can still do simple PvM if you get tired of PvP. Slayer isn't impossible, and some bosses such as KBD, Zulrah, KQ, and Mole are still feasible.
    • Can always transition into another build


    • Training is slower and more expensive (read: more food, more prayer potions, less places to choose from for training, bossing, etc.)
    • Starts to lose edge over most other account builds in PvP situations around ~80cb
    • Lose potential on many bonuses (BIS items, strength bonuses, quest areas/items)
    • They're really really really common at peak levels. Almost anyone under 80 cb is going to be a pure, with exceptions of account builds like obby tanks or lower level range tanks. This means you're basically going to be fighting yourself - you and your opponent usually have around the same KO potential depending on stats.
    • These can basically only PK. I listed this as a pro as well because technically you can still PvM some, but it becomes extremely costly, and the monsters worth fighting are a lot more difficult or require a team. If you plan to switch off between Pking and bossing, and hope to do so efficiently, choose another build.
    • Little to no room for mistakes. If you do the wrong quest or accidentally use the wrong attack style, you can easily level your defense.

    Comparison to other builds:

    • Void Pure/Zerkers: Beats out both most of the time until ~80 combat or so. >90 cb, will more than often lose.
    • Tank: At < 80cb, much better than a tank. Once you get into the mid 80s, things tend to even out IF the tank is wearing low defence gear (void), with the lucky AGS/DDS/SS spec winning most of your fights. If they're wearing defense gear such as barrows/arma this build will mostly lose. Not worth fighting most tank > ~90 cb.
    • Low level pking:
      • Up until about 20-25 CB or so, magic rules pking. Highest hits by far. If you want to low level pk, just train magic.
    • Mid-level pking (30-70):
      • Account build becomes a bit more specific here for pures, usually won't have to worry about zerkers/voiders/mains as they are either really bad or almost nonexistent. At lower levels, 50 attack will usually beat 60 attack. You start to run into weird account builds that rely on high hits and ticking (e.g. maulers). Range starts to weigh a lot more in your dps. 31+ prayer will become beneficial if you're melee based. LOTS OF PURES. Fights move pretty fast.
    • High-level pking (71+):
      • Welcome to the high hits. Faster pking, higher combos, more things to worry about with ticking. You will run into pking builds with defense that hit almost as much as you towards 80 combat. A lot more fun here though.

    How To:
    There are so many 1-20 defense pure variations to pick from and due to limited space and negligible differences in questing and what is required, in this section I'll cover the basic melee/range pure progression. There are many others: gmaulers, obby maulers, range pures, melee only, melee/ancients, init, 13 def, etc. and if you'd like one of those, change a few things up (e.g. don't get 60+ atk, prioritize blitz with dds, get one more rfd quest, etc.).

    -Questing (I'm not going to list the stats required for each quest or subquest (would love to but still have to write about the other builds clear.png Wiki will have them all):

    • Mith gloves:
      • RFD + Subquests: Dwarf, Goblin, Pirate, Dave, Skrach
      • For the Evil Dave part you will need a kitten/cat. It helps to get the kitten earlier on and let it follow you while questing so that it will turn into a cat. This will speed up the Evil Dave subquest as kittens have 10% catch success rate and cats have 70%.
    • Climbing Boots
      • Death Plateau
    • Prayer Book
      • Horror From the Deep
    • CB quests
      • Fight arena, Tree Gnome Village, Waterfall, Vampire Slayer, Grand Tree
      • Recommend doing these at low combat to speed up training
    • (OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED) Prayer quests
      • Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Mountain Daughter, Spirits of the Elid
    • Travel & training quests:
      • Plague City, Priest in Peril (experiments), Biohazard (caged ogres), Dwarf cannon quest (cannon)
    • Ancients
      • Desert Treasure: Digsite, Temple of Ikov, Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Priest in Peril, Waterfall
    • Dragon weps
      • Lost City, Monkey Madness
    • Avas Accumulator
      • Animal Magnetism
    • God Cape
      • Mage Arena minigame
    • (OPTIONAL) Ardy Cape
      • Ardy easy diary
    • (OPTIONAL) Firecape
    • (OPTIONAL) 50 Con. Will make traveling and questing a lot quicker and will save you money if you have portals, framed glory, altar, scrolls of redirection, etc.

    -Training path:

    • With a 1 def pure, I always recommend getting your non-combat stats and magic out of the way in F2P. This is great because if you don't want to hand train you can bot a level 3 account for your non-combat stats, and then train magic up to a suitable level where members may benefit you a bit more. If you do it in F2P it'll be less of a hit if the account gets banned. Everything should cost no more than 500k.
    • 1-60 magic: strikes -> wind bolt -> curse -> superheat (optional: If you do, requires 15 smithing OR The Knight's Sword quest) -> high alch.
      • Can all be done in non-members at barbarian village and varrock caged monk. Important step because it opens up teleports thus speed up your training process later down the road. I recommend at least 45. (OPTIONAL: you can use teletabs if you go to members, but these will add up!)
    • Once you have all of your non-combat stats and/or magic, get members and begin your questing/training.
    • You should be anywhere from 45-60 magic and <30 combat. Time to get your attack and strength up. Do the quests listed above as "Combat Quests" in any order that you choose.
      • I've ordered them in a way such that the experience and teleport you get from one may help speed up another later down the road. These should get you to 45+ attack and 30 strength. The Grand Tree quest will require you to train agility for a while beforehand.
    • At this point, you should be ~60 magic, 44 attack, 30 strength, and have most of your F2P non-combats done. You need to now choose between training or questing. (Can switch off between the two if you choose)
    • If Questing, choose between Prayer and no prayer here.
      • If getting prayer, do the prayer quests now.
      • If no prayer, skip ahead and focus on skilling and finishing up the rest of the quests for climbing boots, prayer book, most of the mithril gloves subquests (not dave) and your travel quests. No you don't need prayer book if you aren't getting prayer but it is beneficial to have for later on down the road. Don't start on ancients, monkey madness, or firecape.
    • If training, go ahead and start getting your range up.
      • I recommend getting a cannon and power-training your range up to at least 40 (1k cannonballs should get you to at least 30 range). If you choose to do so, wield your best bow/crossbow and arrows with the highest range bonus each time you level up as cannon accuracy is based off of ranged attack bonus. Ogres are a great option, as well as rock crabs or any multi-combat/safespot-able monster with low defense.
      • At 30 range, go get attractor/accumulator.
      • At about 40-50 range, I recommend switching to knives/darts and going to experiments, rock crabs or caged ogres (remember to upgrade your attractor at 50 ranged). If you choose not to switch off to knives, keep in mind that your HP is extremely low for your combat right now and that may/will become a problem later on for pking and questing (cannon doesn't give HP xp).
      • You can also switch off to attack and strength, trying to keep them around the area that you want your build to be. Keeping your leveling with strength always higher than attack allows you to pk intermittently between training and remain effective (e.g. 40 attack 60 strength -> 50 attack 70 strength -> 60 attack 70 strength).
    • If you would like to chin your range, start monkey madness and chin in the tunnels before finishing the quest. Will need 43 prayer, and this will stop you from being able to wield d scim for a while.
    • When you get to a suitable level (high enough hp to survive, high enough combat stats to kill) you can begin to finish off the harder sub-requirements.
      • Finish off mith gloves now (evil dave). I mentioned holding off on this subquest because the shadow of the storm quest boss can hit pretty accurate, and prior to training your account's HP would've been too low.
      • Mage Arena is not hard but the mages can hit 20+ if you don't safespot so make sure your HP is higher; also beware of pkers.
      • Ancients shouldn't be hard as long as you know how to kill each boss. It doesn't really require prayer, look up YT guides on how to kill each boss without prayer if you opted out of getting it.
      • Monkey madness will be a cake walk (more monotonous than hard), and the final boss can be safe-spotted or easily killed with or without prayer. Wait until the gnomes get him to low health and then spec him out or use stronger weapons to deal the final blow.
    • Firecape: for 1 def pures, you will probably need purple sweets and/or blowpipe. It isn't impossible with <40 prayer, but definitely not fun and takes a long time. You can look up guides on how to do firecape, and I highly recommend it since it is BIS cape and you can go loot it if you die while pking y.png
    • And there you have it, you are fully quested with the basic stuff you need to have. You have prayer bonus, accumulator, BIS strength cape, spec weapons and more. When you feel your build is ready, go ahead and pk. You have your BIS gear as a pure, and should be able to hold your own. Try knives->dds or msb->gmaul->obby maul. You could rush with ancients if you wanted. Really just experiment with your combo's and enjoy yourself. If you would like to change some things, go for it. I personally love the gmaul/ancients pure the best.

    Void/Zerker Pure
    There's very little difference between a voider and a berserker pure, so I lumped them together. The difference being that voiders usually have low melee stats (with at least 42 attack/strength/defense/hp to wear void) and very high range/magic for high hits + veng. Voiders don't have to do fremmy trials quest because they won't need the +3 strength bonus from berserker helm. Zerkers are usually melee based but can be range based with a melee combo.


    • Very effective at pking starting at about 75-80 combat.
    • Very low risk for voiders
    • Can still do PvM (almost all of GWD, Zulrah, Mole, KBD, Wild bosses, KQ, Corp with a good team while using range, etc.)
    • High KO potential
    • Can access many areas in the game (read: clue scroll requirements, training areas, quest points/experience rewards)
    • Fast training areas (chinning, NMZ with void, yaks)
    • Fairy rings
    • Cheaper than a pure in regards to slayer, bossing, etc.
    • IMO more fun than a pure. You feel less constrained to only being able to pk.
    • Can always transition into a tank/barrows pure/main


    • Takes a lot more investment than a lower level pure. Requires questing, a lot more skilling, and a decent chunk of startup money (94 magic, KO weps, 80+ range) to match others at the same level
    • Still very costly to do things like slayer and bossing. May have to use prayer pots on slayer tasks, and will receive less kills on bosses per supplies used than mains/tanks.
    • Higher risk on death for zerkers
    • Takes a lot more time to get all of the requirements
    • You will end up getting into higher combat levels, eventually meeting with 70 def prods and high def tanks

    Comparison to Other Builds:

    • Pures: Sub 70 combat, you're probably going to get your ass handed to you by a pure. They have much higher KO potential and will hit pretty often even on your rune/void. This goes for all 1-20 def pures. Once you get to 70+, and really 75-80+ you will start to do a lot better. 85+ and you will have no problem with pures, but may run into the occasional main, tank or DHer in the wild.
    • Range Tanks: Sub 70 combat, you're pretty matched up. They will either have similar defense or very low ranged around that combat. Around 80-85+ they end up being a bit more of a problem, especially in tank gear. If wearing void, they resemble void pures a lot.
    • Low level pking:
      • You will either be a pure here, or won't be pking here. Those quests will level you way too fast, and take you out of this combat level range.
    • Mid-level pking (30-70):
      • Not worth doing imo. Voiders maybe, but pures really control this zone
    • High-level pking (71+):
      • Welcome to the wild. Now you have a chance to just kill people, use your veng and high hits to KO while using your defense gear to outlast pures. Voiders enjoy not having any risk.

    How to:
    As I've said, they're very similar with each other disregarding melee stats, 3 defense levels, and range level. Zerkers don't need range (highly recommend though), and need to quest a bit more. Towards higher levels, they tend to highly resemble each other in stats. With this build, start out as a 1 defense pure and follow that guide for questing.


    • 1 Def Pure questing & items (Look in the above section)
    • Defense quests:
      • Dragon slayer, Monkey Madness, Heroes, Nature Spirit, Fremmy Trials
      • Holy Grail (OPTIONAL/RECOMMEND)
      • A Soul's Bane (OPTIONAL/RECOMMEND)
      • In Search/In Aid (OPTIONAL)
      • Between a Rock (OPTIONAL)
    • Barrows Gloves (RFD + all subquests + 175 QP total):
      • Save for after doing all of the other required and recommended quests; you should be within 50 QP to 175.
    • Travel and training quests:
      • Fairy tale Pt 1/start Pt 2, Lunar Dip, Elf story-line up to Mournings End Pt. 1, Cabin Fever, Shilo Village, Start Legends Quest, Start Fremmy Isles
    • Magic:
      • Lunar Dip, Dream Mentor
    • Firecape: BIS Cape. Much easier to get on this build, takes ~30mins-1.5hrs depending on setup and stats.
      • If I were you I would wait til ~30 def, 43 prayer, 60+hp and 70+ range to speed this up and make it easier.
    • (IF ZERKER) Rune Defender: 130 combined total between attack and strength levels
    • (IF VOIDER) Void Range: 850 PC points
      • Recommend Mage helm too for Zulrah later on. If you're a zerker, this is still worth getting.
      • Garden of Tranquil, Enlightened Journey, A Soul's Bane, Varrock Med/Easy Diary
    • (OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED) Torso: Barbian Assault minigame: 375 points per role + queen kill
      • VERY USEFUL for slayer, teleporting, questing, bossing, rc-ing, clue scrolls, etc.; Costs ~1M and takes a couple of hours
    • (OPTIONAL) Anchor:
      • Great Brain Robbery - Reqs 50 Pray so might as well get Smite
    • (OPTIONAL) Ardy Cape 2:
      • Easy & Mid Diary

    -Training Path:

    • Basically follow the 1 defense guide path, and incorporate these quests into it as well. You don't need to focus on getting as many quest points through random quests in order to get barrows gloves. Get your defense quests, magic quests, and training/travel quests out of the way and then focus on getting the last few QP.
    • If you followed the 1 defense guide path (or not, won't matter in this situation for combat stats), focus on getting your defense in. Do dragon slayer, and claim your monkey madness reward ON STRENGTH & HP, not attack and defense. You will be 40 defense as a result of these two.
      • If you are a voider, do nature spirit and heroes, and then choose if you would like to get more defense XP through questing.
      • If you are a zerker, do nature spirit, fremmy trials and heroes as well; I recommend doing Holy Grail too. It isn't required, but gives you plenty of prayer experience that could go towards overheads, eagle eye or smite.
      • I also recommend doing A soul's bane for GE tele (varrock medium diary). Apart from that, you can choose between doing quests to supplement the rest of your experience or just training the last few k to 42/45 defense.
    • At this point, you have your defense and your basic account build. From here you should focus on getting your equipment and extras! I always start by skilling to get the requirements for magic quests. You're going to want veng, which will require lunar diplomacy. That 61 mining is going to suck to get, but it is worth getting.
    • If you are a voider (or even if not), go get your void. 850 PC points takes ~13hours and is pretty monotonous but well worth it.
      • I highly recommend getting the extra 250 points for mage helm so that you can do Zulrah later on. Void switch is much easier than mystic/dhide and zulrah makes dat geepee.
    • Now its time to do your travel/training quests. They're worth doing, and honestly I'd probably even do them before the others because it'll speed things up a bit. I put it here though because honestly they're optional. They'll come in handy if you do clue scrolls, bossing, and do slayer a lot but typically you won't need all of them. Doesn't hurt to do them though if you're getting barrows gloves right? which leads to..
    • Getting your BIS items.
      • Barrows gloves: Bang out the last few quests points and finish up the RFD quest. The final bosses aren't hard and resemble other quest bosses very much.
      • Defender: Shouldn't take long, just gather up the tokens and progress away.
      • Torso: Annoying to get but well worth the time as it saves you 40k risk in the wild while giving strength bonus.
      • Firecape: A lot easier and worth getting at this stage.
    • From here you're left to train. NMZ is fastest xp by far, but you really have anywhere in the game to train at this point. You can do yaks, experiments, rock crabs, and other places. Take advantage of quest experience rewards for training up low level and slow stats.
      • You will also need to get to 94 magic and you have a variety of options: Alch, splash, superheat, tele, burst, plank-make, string jewelry, and so on.
    • Your build is essentially finished. Pk away when you achieve the stats you want. Veng isn't a requirement but you'll be at a huge disadvantage at ~80+ combat without it.

    Range Tanks
    Prior to becoming a range tank, zerkers were by far my favorite build. Eventually I got bored of not being able to solo boss and started over on a range tank - and have never looked back. If you want to pk at low levels, don't choose this build. If you want to pk fast paced and have huge back to back combo specs based on ticking, probably go with another build. If you love melee, don't choose this build. If you don't want to invest 10M+ in your training and stats before you're good for pking, you probably want to look elsewhere. If you want common high hits while not having to worry about others doing the same to you, here you have it. Love range? You've found it. This is for those who want to pk, boss and not need anyone else's help for either.


    • Mini main that can pk
    • Access to high defense gear (read: staying at bosses longer, less food, less need for prayer)
    • PvM everything basically
    • At higher combats, doesn't lose very often
    • Access to veng
    • These are actually good at staking. I know I said not to use any of these builds for staking, but this isn't a bad one for no armor range fights.
    • Can low-risk fight with void
    • Access to Piety


    • Very limited KO options (Drag bolts, MSB Spec, Dark Bow & Ballista) - easy to counter dragon bolts so really only ~3
    • Expensive (90+ Range, 94+ mage)
      • Darts add up, bolts add up. Power-training either is expensive and not power-training either is slow.
    • Takes time to build (low/mid level tanks really aren't that good. You won't be great until you've invested a lot into training and trained your stats into the upper 80s/lower 90s)
    • Once you get high defense, there is no going back. Can't decide to be a zerker later on. You're left with either a DHer or a main.
    • To fully take advantage of your defense, you will have to risk more.

    Comparison to Other Builds:

    • Pures: Sub 70 combat, you're probably going to get your ass handed to you by a pure. They have much higher KO potential and will hit pretty often even on your armor. This goes for all 1-20 def pures. Once you get to 85+ they are less of a problem, and often times you will outlast them in a match without having to eat much if at all.
    • Zerkers/Voiders: Sub 70 combat, you're pretty matched up. They will very similar KO potential and won't cause much of a threat. Around 80-85+ they end up being a bit more of a problem, although tank gear can take care of that. Usually around 85 combat, you end up matching up (range level wise) with most voiders if you've stayed humble with your melee stats.
    • Low level pking:
      • You will either be a pure here, or won't be pking here. Those quests will level you way too fast, and take you out of this combat level range.
    • Mid-level pking (30-70):
      • Still not worth pking. You risk too much and have too little winning potential.
    • High-level pking (71+):
      • Have fun. Specifically 85+ and really 90+ combat, you're destroying most of your opponents. If you don't kill them, you end up outlasting them (once you're at least 70 defense). Dh'ers aren't a problem, and you'll hit plenty through their defense. Voiders and pures are like candy at 90+ combat, and zerkers can hold their own until about 95+.

    How to:
    Tanks are basically mains that stick to just maximizing defense and range, while taking advantage of prayer and magic. They keep their combat level range based, thus allowing them to stay lower combat level than melee based accounts. As a maxed range tank you want to focus on keeping your combined attack and strength equal to a maximum of 148; so never go past that if you want to stay range/def based for combat level. You can do 74 attack and strength, 75 attack and 73 strength, 60 attack and 88 strength (my favorite) and so on but whatever you choose you want to keep in line with what you plan on doing with the account. 75 attack opens up godswords, 70 attack barrows and whip; lower attack and higher strength opens up different KO options while in the wild. Although I like 60 attack and 88 strength the most for pking, I like to PvM a lot as well. So I tend to do 75 attack 73 strength, for SGS and Guthans. Now with this 148 combined total, remember that this is to stay range/def based FOR A MAXED TANK. That means you don't want to get these to the 148 combined total at a low combat level, or if you're not 99 def and 99 range (or 99 hp). If you're 70 defense and 90 range, getting 75 attack and 73 strength as opposed to say 60 attack and 60 strength only gives you extra combat levels that you don't need. So I recommend keeping them as low as you're comfortable with until you max out defense, range and hp. Then get up to 148 total to take advantage of your full melee potential. Over 52 prayer isn't useful outside of PvM content as of now, but Jagex promises to introduce new 70 level ranged prayer, so its up to you to get to 70.


    • Zerker Questing (look at the above guide)
    • Barrows Gloves (RFD + all subquests + 175 QP total):
      • Save for after doing all of the other required and recommended quests; you should be within 50 QP to 175.
    • Travel and training quests:
      • Fairy tale Pt 1/start Pt 2, Lunar Dip, Elf story-line up to Mournings End Pt. 1, Cabin Fever, Shilo Village, Start Legends Quest, Start Fremmy Isles
    • Magic:
      • Lunar Dip, Dream Mentor
    • Firecape: BIS Cape. Takes ~30mins-1.5hrs depending on setup
    • Dragon Defender: 130 combined total between attack and strength levels
    • Void Range & Mage: 850 PC points + 250 extra for mage helm
      • Recommend Mage helm for Zulrah later on.
      • Garden of Tranquil, Enlightened Journey, A Soul's Bane, Varrock Med/Easy Diary
      • VERY USEFUL for slayer, teleporting, questing, bossing, rc-ing, clue scrolls, etc.; Costs ~1M and takes a couple of hours
    • (OPTIONAL) Ardy Cape 3:
      • Easy, Mid, Hard

    -Training Path:

    • Follow the zerker guide for this account build, ommitting the parts about training melee past 50 and getting any equipment that is melee based.
      • It isn't necessary to quest for all of that if you don't want to, but a tank is basically a main that isn't melee based. You still should have all of the questing, the need for barrows gloves, teles, etc.
    • Once you've followed the zerker guide, you should have everything you need in regards to equipment (besides dragon defender). Now comes the slow part: training to a suitable level for pking.
      • During this time, you're going to probably think your account sucks whereas for other builds, you can see your account coming together early on. You will have stats like 50 atk 50 str 50 defense 60 range, and look like any other low leveled main. It takes time.
    • Begin training defense.
      • If you know you won't only be pking on your tank, go ahead and get your attack up to 70 for whip. This will make training your defense a lot more bearable, and 42/45/50 defense to 70 should go pretty quickly in NMZ.
      • You can train your strength if you would like as well. I usually get 70/70/70 here if I know I will be doing PvM as well as Pking.
    • Start training range. Get your range to at least 85.
      • I highly recommend powertraining from 75 and on. Blowpipe at NMZ with void will be ~100k xp/hr, chins around double of that for this level. You can look up the price for each methods, but I've found blowpipe to be an initial investment of 2-3.5gp/xp while using absorbs and ovls with void at NMZ. I say initial investment because once you get to 99, you can spend the next 3 months buying herb boxes and end up profiting what you spent.
      • Chinning won't earn you any of that GP back but it is tons faster, and isn't a bad option if you plan to camp zulrah with your saved time. I've found that Zulrah makes bank so quickly that if you have the initial money to chin, its almost always better to go this route. Then you don't have to worry about buying herb boxes, and you end up making way more back through Zulrah. Just to give you an idea, I camped Zulrah for 3-5 hours a day for 3 days and went from 6M to 22M, not including equipment upgrades (prayer book to upgraded ward, mystic boots to infinity, occult to occult/fury switch). Keep in mind that this was during a learning period, so I died a lot trying to learn the rotations and still profitted. Also keep in mind that Zulrah is highly botted, so camping there for too long might be a little risky.
    • Take time to get veng. This was covered in the zerker section, but if you skipped it, it will definitely help you out.
    • Your build is essentially pk ready, just not maxed. I've found that a 70 defense, 85 ranged build does fine in the wild with void. Getting to 90+ range was even better, and I've found that 75 defense didn't help as much in the wild if I wasn't going to wear a DFS. Take of that what you wish.
    • Once you get to higher range levels, you can choose if you want to get higher defense or get melee up a bit for PvM. Use a combat calculator to make sure that leveling attack/strength won't hurt you too much.
      • 70 defense 90+ range 90+ mage does fine at almost any boss with the right gear. Solo-ing will definitely require a bit more defense depending on the boss (mostly GWD), but 70 is fine for camping Zulrah, KBD or wildy bosses.
    • All done. Use void, use tank gear, or whatever you choose. Pures have complained to me about hitting less often even while I've worn void before, but tank gear is definitely noticeable for all builds.

    And there you have it. Your 3 basic pking builds. Hopefully this guide was helpful in starting you off on your path to BH kills, emblems, and making dat geepee!

    (Please leave critiques. I want to help you guys as much as you can help me. Also, didn't cover bridding in this post. If you would like a basic setup of how to brid, and how to make an account that is capable of bridding - let me know!)

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    • 2 months later...

    Awesome guide. I think I am gonna start shifting what currently would likely be classified as a low level main into a range tank. 

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