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    Dear Dreambot Staff,


    I have been using Dreambot for about two weeks now, and made several accounts. I have made a few combat accounts and like 15 goldfarm accounts. But i keep getting banned on all my accounts. Yesterday I made a fresh new account. I botted tutorial island, after that I was leaving my pc for a few minutes, so I thought, i set a walker bot to walk to Varrock. But when i came back, I already got banned...

    And it's not only that i am "only" botting accounts, because I also made some accounts which i trained myself, and started botting on last week, and that account has also got a ban.. Also I am vip, and I am using Covert mode.


    My question here is, am i doing something wrong with my botting, or have i got some sort of IP watch?


    I hope you can help me out, because it is getting really annoying.


    Kind regards,


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    Botting tutorial island and using walking scripts is a big nono if you want to get serious about goldfarming. 


    If you're going to be making separate accounts you'll need to be using proxies for each account. In my experience, 2 accounts per IP is pushing it & risks a ban while 1 account per IP is what you want for longevity. Most likely your IP is flagged & that leads to chain bans. New accounts are watched very closely for a while especially f2p accounts. 


    Goldfarming isn't as easy as starting a script and making money, it gets pretty complicated once you want to run more than 2 bots at once. 

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    Alright Rob, a couple of things you might want to do to help make your account seem less like a goldfarming account..


    1.) Do tut island manually

    2.) Play the account and legit level a couple stats then put the account down for at least a few days  (new accounts are heavily monitored)


    Depending on what you're botting and where you're botting the ban rates are going to vary. If you're in a high traffic area, or in a highly botted goldfarm method then you'll be reported like crazy. Jagex has also stepped up some of their detection so botting under the radar is more difficult but do-able.


    I've found (personally) that a low requirement method and just suicide it until it gets banned is effective. Just be sure to offload your bots often. More accounts - less requirementa (so less profit/h) but at least it pays for itself before it gets banned.


    When registering accounts it may be of use to use a VPN just in case your Personal IP is flagged for creating so many accounts. As well as using proxies (2 accounts per IP max).


    Other than that you just have to figure out what works for you as botting is evolving and getting more complex everyday. You do what you can on your end and rest assured we'll be doing whatever we can on our end :)

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