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  • lily's Grilled Mushrooms Recipe


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    lily's Grilled Mushrooms Recipe


    Mushrooms are awesome. They're the only thing you can eat that is neither a plant nor animal, and in addition to that, they're a great source

    of nutrients like Potassium and Phosphorous which both help keep your body healthy, especially when you're really active (i.e. runner, weightlifting)



    - Is delish

    - Good source of low calorie nutrients

    - Keeps you from dying of malnutrition

    - Uses psychedelic antiban




    - Things you'll need are: Portabello mushroom caps (as in the round top bit), butter, salt, garlic powder, a grill

    - Start by melting some butter however you like, you know... just make it hot

    - Start the grill up, make sure it's hot when you put the shrooms on

    - Put the shrooms on the gills facing up

    - Either pour or brush the melted butter into the gill section of the cap, leave grilling for a minute or two

    - Mushrooms cook fast so be careful, however, don't be alarmed if it turns black, portabellos just do this

    - Sprink a desired amount of salt and/or garlic powder on the top of the gills. Be sure to do all this before you need to flip it, so it can soak in

    - Turn over, so that the gills are facing down. Juices will drip down, but it's fine, don't worry!

    - Let it grill for a few more minutes (depends on grill heat, but again, shrooms cook fast)

    - Again brush a slight amount of butter on the cap's top, and sprinkle seasonings while the it cooks

    - Remove, let cool somewhat, and enjoy!







    1.0 - Added to SDN

    1.1 - Upated picture since everyone HATED it


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    Can you explain the difference in taste between portabella mushrooms and regular mushrooms? I've never had portabella mushrooms m8.


    Portabellos are just a type of mushroom. Usually they're cultivated to be really big and have large caps. Also they taste better (imo) than the 'normal' white mushrooms you get in stores most commonly. Basically they're big and thick and are almost like a 'vegetarian burger or steak' since they're large and meaty


    Also it's spelled portabello and idk why I've been typing it as portabella but I'll probs stop now and go back and change that

    Edited by lily
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