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    ive been getting banned a lot using scripts... 


    i want to buy VIP to get convert mode and want to know what scripts are good? i was thinking of a fisher they look good but in the comments there seems to be a couple of things. im a little bit weary of it all due to the fact my last 7 accounts have been banned. but my IP is fine it resets every time i reset the router. 


    so is the VIP worth it for convert mode?


    does it auto use convert mode? i see no option for it


    is the premium fishers any good? 



    i have a account ready and waiting to bot which i have not botted on yet


    also could it be that im botting on f2p? i intend on botting on p2p now my jobs working out and i get fluent pay 

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    I'd recommend botting only one one account at a time, idk if f2p/members even help anymore as I see quite alot of people still getting banned with members and I'm sure JaGeX have realised that the botting community think getting members will decrease their chance of getting banned whilst botting. I'd highly highly recommend buying VIP and using Covert Mode, I can assure you that its well worth it and has a very good anti-ban. The option for covert should be in tools/settings when you open your client, you just have to tick the box which says 'covert mode', and I THINK it doesn't use auto covert mode, so everytime you reload the client you tick the box. I've been using @Dreamlicker's fishing script for weeks on weeks now, It's not  a very good income for GP if you're interested in goldfarming which I'm sure you. If you want you can ask him for a trial and I'm sure he'll grant you one, like every script, it does have a few bugs but it worked pretty flawless for me. I have a proggy of 130h+ on his thread using non covert and breaks so imagine if I did use em.


    Good luck with botting and don't forget to use Covert mode when possible and add some breaks every now and then, bot smart mate!

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