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    Hello everyone,


    I am interested today in buying an account with paypal USD ($$$) seeing that my main just got banned for botting this morning.  I was looking at making that account that got banned a hybrid or a zerker pure, and was rising on the stats quite nicely until jagex laid down the law on me so here I am searching for another one that already has what I want.


    PM me directly to give me stats of accounts you're interested in selling, or if you have multiple accoutns and we can work something out.  It doesn't have to be 99 everything.  A decent account (in my eyes at least some stats 70+) will do just nicely.  Obviously looking for mage, range, and combat stats to be developed, not really interested in the prayer level seeing that I only want it to be 43 at the moment, and don't necessarily care about quests be cause I like quests.  Also I do not care about skilling levels, as I enjoy skilling as well.  Strictly in it for the combat skills, but if there are other skills associated that is always a plus.


    WILL ONLY BE INTERESTED IN 1 DEF HYBRIDS, INITIATE PURES, or ZERKER HYBRIDS.  Any of these other false-god PKing accounts the kiddos are coming up with these days are not worthy, and I will prove that after I enter the wild with this account I buy.


    Thanks everyone.  In closing, I am fairly new to this website, but will fully utilize the Middleman services with trusted members on these forums so that neither of the parties involved in the trade have even a remote risk of being scammed.  I will attach a note with my paypal payment that the payment is non-refundable for online design work so that I won't be able to get my money back, and I expect the other side of the party to fulfill their non-scamming deal as well.  Additionally, just as I am only using trusted members for middleman services, I only want to use trusted members to purchase this account from.  Thank you to you all.

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