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    This article originally appeared in MmoGah and has been published here with permission.


    For many people, buying in-game currency is a big decision. It requires careful research and selection. If you're buying The Elder Scrolls Online gold for the first time, you must have some questions and concerns. We hope this guide can answer your questions or eliminate your concerns.


    1. Is It Safe to Buy ESO Gold?

    Will I get banned for buying ESO gold? This is the thing that people care about most. Although some people got banned for real-world trading, most of them are gold farmers, not buyers. Occasionally, some people who play in illegitimate ways, such as using Macros or exploiting, would break the rules, causing their accounts to get flagged. However, compared to these methods, buying gold has a much lower risk of getting banned. Most importantly, at MmoGah, no customer has been banned for buying ESO gold so far


    You may have another question now: will the bought gold get removed? ZOS might remove gold from a player's account when the player's behavior triggers their anti-cheat system. But there is no evidence that ZOS removes a buyer's gold for real-world trading. However, as a best practice, if you choose to receive gold via in-game Mailbox, please be sure to remove your ESO gold in the in-game Mailbox quickly after we mail it to you and use it as fast as possible to avoid removal by ZOS.


    2. How Does MmoGah Offer Secure Transactions with Each Purchase?

    We adopt the best methods to ensure safe transactions for customers. We only use the methods that have been tested to be the most secure and effective to deliver gold.


    3. How Do You Deliver ESO Gold?

    We offer two delivery methods:

    Face-to-Face: We deliver ESO gold face-to-face in the game. This method requires you to keep your character online, and after our supplier sends you the trading location, you need to get to the trading location to meet our supplier in the game.


    Mailbox: We mail ESO gold into your character's Mailbox. Please don't click the "Return" button on the Mail after you receive the gold.


    4. How Long Does the Delivery Take?

    We strive to complete all orders within 30 minutes after the payment is confirmed.

    5. How Do I Buy and Receive Gold Successfully in ESO?

    To let our supplier find you quickly in the game, we need to have your UserID/Character Name/Xbox Gamer Tag/PSN ID:

    •   If you buy gold for ESO PC, please input your UserID or Character Name when placing an order. 

    •   If you buy ESO gold Xbox, please give us your Xbox Gamer Tag.

    •   If you buy ESO PS4 gold, please give us your PSN ID.


    To ensure a successful transaction, we also need your support and cooperation:

    •   To avoid your gold getting removed by Zenimax, please be sure to remove the received ESO gold in your in-game Mailbox and use it as quickly as possible

    •   Please don't click the "Return" button on the Mail after you receive the gold.


    6. Where to Find My UserID/Character Name/Xbox Gamer Tag/PSN ID?

    UserID: UserID is the login name you use to log into the game. Usually, there is an @ in front of it. By pressing the "o" key on your keyboard, you'll also find your UserID in your social menu. 

    Character Name: Press the "c" key on your keyboard, and you can find your Character Name. 

    Xbox Gamer Tag and PSN ID: If you play on Xbox or PlayStation, open your Map in The Elder Scrolls Online, and you will find your Xbox Gamer Tag or PSN ID is on the upper right corner of the page.


    7. Does MmoGah Offer ESO Gold for Xbox Series X/S or PS5?

    Yes, you can buy ESO gold for Xbox Series X/S or PS5 on our website. In ESO, all Xbox consoles share one server, and all PlayStation consoles share another. That means if you buy ESO gold Xbox, the gold works on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S; when you buy ESO gold for PlayStation, the gold will work on PS4 and PS5. 


    Those are the most frequently asked questions by first-time buyers. For more tips and news related to The Elder Scrolls Online, please stay tuned to our ESO news page.




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