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    package mainpkg;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.dialogues.Dialogues;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.input.Camera;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.interactive.Players;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.item.GroundItems;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.magic.Magic;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.magic.Normal;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.tabs.Tabs;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.widget.Widgets;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.world.Worlds;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.worldhopper.WorldHopper;
    import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript;
    import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest;
    import org.dreambot.api.script.Category;
    import org.dreambot.api.utilities.Timer;
    import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.Player;
    import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.items.GroundItem;
    import java.awt.*;
    @ScriptManifest(author = "Kobesmind", name = "Kobe's Wildy Natgrabber", version = 0.1, description = "Telegrabs nature runes and hops, logs out if people are nearby", category = Category.MONEYMAKING)
    public class main extends AbstractScript {
        String status = "BEGINNING SCRIPT";
        enum taskState {
        taskState currentTask = taskState.SEARCH;
        Player otherPlayer;
        GroundItem natRune1 = null;
        GroundItem natRune2 = null;
        Timer timer = new Timer(100000);
        public void onStart() {
        public void onExit() {
        public int onLoop() {
            otherPlayer = Players.closest(plr -> plr != null && !plr.equals(getLocalPlayer()) && plr.distance() > 1);
            if(otherPlayer != null) {
                status = "PLAYER NEARBY. LOGGING OUT...";
            if(Dialogues.canContinue()) {
                currentTask = taskState.SEARCH;
            switch(getState()) {
                case TELEGRAB:
                    status = "TELEGRABBING..";
                    if(natRune1 != null) {
                        Magic.castSpellOn(Normal.TELEKINETIC_GRAB, natRune1);
                        sleepUntil(() -> Magic.canCast(Normal.TELEKINETIC_GRAB), 1000000);
                    if(natRune2 != null) {
                        Magic.castSpellOn(Normal.TELEKINETIC_GRAB, natRune2);
                        sleepUntil(() -> Magic.canCast(Normal.TELEKINETIC_GRAB), 1000000);
                    currentTask = taskState.HOP;
                case SEARCH:
                    natRune1 = GroundItems.closest(item -> item != null && item.getAmount() == 4);
                    natRune2 = GroundItems.closest(item -> item != null && !item.equals(natRune1));
                    if(natRune1 != null || natRune2 != null) {
                        status = "FOUND";
                        currentTask = taskState.TELEGRAB;
                case IDLE:
                    status = "IDLE";
                    sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().exists(), 10000000);
                    currentTask = taskState.SEARCH;
                case HOP:
                    status = "HOPPING";
                    WorldHopper.hopWorld(Worlds.getRandomWorld(wld -> wld != null && wld.isF2P() && !wld.isPVP() && wld.getMinimumLevel() == 0));
                    currentTask = taskState.IDLE;
            return Calculations.random(500, 600);
        public taskState getState() {
            return currentTask;
        public void onPaint(Graphics g) {
            Color gCol = new Color(180, 180, 180, 180);
            g.fillRect(Widgets.getWidgetChild(162, 0).getX(), Widgets.getWidgetChild(162, 0).getY(), Widgets.getWidgetChild(162, 0).getWidth(), Widgets.getWidgetChild(162, 0).getHeight());
            g.drawString("Status: " + status, 10, Widgets.getWidgetChild(162, 0).getY()+20);
            g.drawString(timer.formatTime(), 10, Widgets.getWidgetChild(162, 0).getY()+40);


    there are two problems here:


    1. after it hops worlds, the script stops working properly.

    2.it wont check for players, i tried many different methods and looked on forum posts for solutions

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    if (!getLocalPlayer().exists() || !Client.isLoggedIn()) {
        log("Not logged in");
        return Calculations.random(3000, 6000);

    also you posted in the wrong section

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    You should add a `MethodProvider.log("State: " + stateYouAreIn)` log statement to help you debug in each switch statement. This will help you figure out where the script gets stuck.

    For #1: If I had to guess, your code probably gets stuck here: sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().exists(), 10000000); . Maybe you can try a different condition to check, like Client.isLoggedIn(). But not completely sure, I would double check that your code doesn't get stuck in any sleepUntil.

    For #2: You can follow Fjiddi's advice about Players.all(). Look at the Players API for how to get the number of players around you: https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/methods/interactive/Players.html


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    Hey! thanks for the advice regarding the player problem, it fixed it

    although, i still have issues with checking if the world loads

    i have a money making scripts that hops worlds after it does what it has to do, and checking if client is logged in, if local player exists, or other usual conditions, i use sleep(7000), but that breaks randomly, how can i fix it?


    if i try to use "Client.isLoggedIn()", for example, it resumes the script even if the world hasn't finished loading, i tried very many alternatives, looked at other scripts on github, and using their methods yields the same result.

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