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    So I’ve been running a test with a friend of mine just to see the different between data center proxies and residential proxies, but we came across something way bigger. 

    It seems Jagex is now on to the Dreambot API as every account I create, it is instant banned. 

    Scripts being used (covert mode as well)


    Panademics Fighter


    I ran RQuester on a couple of accounts all different brand new proxies from D.Bolter, and this is what happened. 

    Quick exclaimer, im not writing this as a hate post or a “wHy iS dReAmbOt sHit i gOt bAnned”. Im solely doing this so the staff knows whats going on.


    Test 1: This account was ran from a data center proxy and all i did with this account is run RQuester til the Tutorial Island was done then immediately logged out, no walking to GE or Lumbridge. Got banned nearly 6 hours later, and I was botting on low pop during Swagex’s closed hours.


    Test 2: This account was running a residential proxy, and i really wanted to test these because of the hype behind it. So with this one its a little weird, as I decided ill do just the character creation and talk to the first dude, so after that i start the script not even for a full minute, my wifi goes down. This was around 11p Central time, I wake up login and received not just a two day ban, but a major macroing ban (perma), this was received on both accounts.


    Test 3: Another residential proxy ran account, this time it survived the logout after tutorial island, but after my boy was don’t botting attack (15-45 minute breaks over 8 hours) and received the same ban as my other two accounts. 

    Now for every account I use with Dreambot my accounts are insta smited, as my EpicBot accounts are still running fine. 


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    I also want to add to this,

    so I have premium scripts and I'm VIP status, I also have 50 different private proxies for my use, ANNDDDD I carefully monitor all my running scripts and take notes on each one for bot detection mitigation. within 48 hours all my scripts/ accounts get disabled simultaneously. I look into why this is and Jagex gives me a reason that their bot detection is assure that I am running a bot client. I keep running all my scripts on the same but different private proxies that I have to my disposal and run them all differently with different types of scripts without out too much heavy time usage just to see how jagex is catching  the bots. I'm playing my cards safe but jagex is busting down on the client pretty hard with all my new running accounts getting wiped every 24 hour period. I'm doing everything to cover my basis... individual private proxies, running multitude of scripts, covert mode running, but stilling getting busted and having all accounts shutdown in an instant moment. 

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    Well one thing id like to ask is are you running good scripts or bad ones? I would list them else get ready to be flamed 😂. It would be nice to see more data from others to see if they are getting insta bans as well. I understand botting will get you banned but just to clarify i haven’t been banned THAT fast ever in my botting career. Id recommend to use a different bot client for the time being, as dreambot is very good but since its public its not hard for jagex to log how their API works.


    lets just pray this aint bout to be a PowerBot situation 😬

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    I feel you. Also the main ones I have been using is 

    1. Master AIO F2P-- be Aeglen

    2. Dream AIO Skiller-- by Zawy

    3. #questing-- by hashtag

    buy yes more data from others would be great. Hopefully people contribute to the thread 

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    I wanna try to see if they ban one of my private scripts cause ive only used it on one account, problem is its a members only typa thing so im not sure im trynna waste my money at this point. Ill post up the end results tho if i end up spending $5.

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