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    Hey there DreamBot community lately I've been experimenting with DreamBot, I have 0 prior knowledge on Runescape botting this is my first month of attempting such things. So my problem here is that I have set up break settings, 2 of them to be exact, but I don't know how effective this would be or if I should add more break in between

    My first break is a "Eating Break" which looks like this, and another break called "Shitting Break"





    I hope I can get some great feedback from you guys in order for me to improve my botting experience. I have a goal to 10-15 bots running at the same time so after I learn how not to get banned every 2 days I'll be investing into this "Covert Mode". If it wouldn't be too much of a hassle could someone explain the pro and cons of using "Covert Mode".

    Also last question, IF I were to let my bot on and set a break called "Sleep Break", set the break length to 6-8 hours-ish, and then let it go back to its routine what would the probability of a ban be.



    Question 1: Should I add more breaks (I have 2)?
    Question 2: What is the optimal break amount/time?
    Question 3: What is "Covert Mode" and what are the pro and cons of using it?
    Question 4: If I set up a "Sleep Break" that consist of normal sleeping patterns how would this affect my ban rate?

    Thank you guys for taking the time to read my first ever post, I wanted to post some quality questions hopefully I can get some quality answers! Happy botting to all of you!

    (Also if this is in the wrong topic/forum I'm so sorry I'm new to navigating this forums!)

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    I don't like DB3, I did a lot of testing and comparison with db2

    In DB2 it works perfect for me

    in Db3 the accounts when exiting a break do not log in again

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