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    Quest Points : 265
    List Main Quests Completed : Dragon slayer 2, Monkey madness 2, Nearly every quest apart from the newest ones
    Achievement Diary Completed : Ardy hard, falador hard, fremmy medium, kandarin hard, lummy hard apart from bones to peaches, varrock medium, Western hard, Wilderness hard.
    Rare Items : Avernic Defender, Fire cape, Full void, with elite robe, Arclight, Barrows gloves, black slayer helm, dark claw, Skotizo pet.
    Capes Obtained : Skill capes for 99s.
    Bank Value : 3
    Total Skill Level : 1966
    Combat Level : 126
    Attack Level : 99
    Strength Level : 99
    Hitpoints Level : 99
    Defense Level : 99
    Ranged Level : 99
    Prayer Level : 99
    Magic Level : 99
    Runecraft Level : 65
    Construction Level : 83
    Agility Level : 71
    Herblore Level : 78
    Thieving Level : 73
    Crafting Level : 74
    Fletching Level : 99
    Slayer Level : 99
    Hunter Level : 70
    Mining Level : 76
    Smithing Level : 70
    Fishing Level : 72
    Cooking Level : 89
    Firemaking Level : 86
    Woodcutting Level : 78
    Farming Level : 90
    Notes : Rigour unlocked, , Aurgry unlocked. 1000 KBD KC, 300 Graardor KC, Elite void unlocked, Nearly all achievment diarys done past easy, hard western, hard wildy, hard kandarin, hard fally and hard ardougne all done. 100% Hosidious house favour Miniquests complete are: Barcrawl, Enter the Abyss, Family Pest, the Mage Arena, and skippy and the mogres. Barrows gloves on the account, plus a tentacle whip. Full prospector outfit, Black Kbd slayer helmet, Dark claw from skotizo for the purple helm, also have the skotizo pet. Imbued Beserker ring. Full Graceful outfit. A POH with all teleports I can make at my construction level. Ornate pool.

    No black marks or previous bans.

    Looking for 400M OSRS or $200 Paypal

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    your going to have a hard time selling this account as its not wise to buy expensive accounts from people with no trader feedback , no post. i hope your not looking to scam someone

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