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  • EverFire by DontgetBanned + Progressive leveling


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    I have ran for about 45 minutes without issues, but its notorious for getting "stuck" refer to list of bugs.

    1-72 Firemaking and receieved a ban. aprox 3-4 days running for 2-3 hours a day. ~1M exp gained.

    Just like all the mining bots click on the door within the bank, this script also tend to "click that door" maybe instead of the banker for whatever reason. i believe its a bot detection but i could be wrong.

    Save file, Change from .txt to .java and move to your C:\Users\your computer User\DreamBot\Scripts folder which is where local scripts get saved, load in dreambot and refresh. Use script. 

    Has a level progressive leveler, Auto detects which log you should be burning for your level OTHERWISE will burn maple logs, i hid the code for burning yews.



    ~110-125,000 EXP /HR.



    * Logs    1-15:  61+ extras
    * Oaks   15-30: 183+ extras
    * Willow:30-45: 535+ extras
    * Maple:   45+: 999+

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EVERFIRE KNOWN BUGS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     * #1. Stuck on FIRE
     * #2. Gets stuck in DeathA3 after makings Lines of fire (inventory: empty, tile: 3171,3430 3171,3429)
     * #3. Gets stuck outside of Bank 1, doesnt click into bank or bank (is it fixed?)
     * #4. Runs back to FireA/Clicking when its already started making fires. (not usually)
     * #5. Runs back to FireA/Clicking from bank when it hasnt completed banking (inventory: ISNT FULL)
     * #6. Enables run in the middle of "Task" when code is used once when "banking"
     * #7. Mouse Spazing out trying to click map & enable run.
     * #8. Bot like behavour, standing for "to long", Clicks a bank door instead of banker? (Jagex way of detecting botting?)


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