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  • ⭐Buffed Classic WoW Services | All Classes | Professions | PvP | Gold Farming & More ⭐


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    Offering the following -

    PvP / PvP titles
    Gold for mounts
    Gold farming

    Can also offer setting up of twinks, and other things at demand :)

    Offering all on both Alliance and Horde, all EU servers and maybe US also at request.

    - Maybe you start the game but find yourself not having time to level, maybe you don't have time to grind your mount money or maybe you cannot get enough gold together to learn all your spells/professions? I can do it all!

    I was in the top #3 guild on Daggerspine EU (winds of creation) TBC-WOTLK where we used to practice healing places like ICC 10man HC bosses etc. I have also been that low level nightelf rogue (18-28) killing and skinning crocodiles and raptors wetlands for more gold than I thought I could make.

    Please note! You can get a bulk charge for x2 professions + level 60 if both ordered together, saving you some money :)

    - When ordering with Dbuffed Services Ltd you are treated appropriately and like a person, respectfully answered with any questions you have and updates on your progress and such.


    When ordering with me both privately and posting here, you accept that there are no refunds.
    When ordering with me you understand that you may only possibly get a 60% mount.
    When ordering with me, you understand that all realms are open, not both teams.

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    Bumping this,

    Please remember to contact me via Discord Dbuffed#0067 (345893819348287490 unique ID) or Skype at Dbuffedwinz for more! :)

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    Bumping this,

    Please remember to contact me via Discord Dbuffed#0067 (345893819348287490 unique ID) or Skype at Dbuffedwinz for more! 

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    I have had to turn my friends requests off so please contact me via PM for more information.

    Apologies in advance!

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