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    Hi there, welcome to Dbuffed Services.

    PLEASE NOTE - You are paying for EXP and not drops/supplies but can be added for extra.

    Payment Methods -

    PayPal balance (no cards/bank)
    Bitcoin/other cryptos - ETH/LTC/XRP
    Skrill balance (similar to PayPal)

    - More can be done past what is thought, just ask via pm/discord/skype :)

    Order Form -

    What do you need? :
    Payment method? :
    Going first or middleman? :
    What's your Skype/Discord ID? :
    Do you agree to my TOS? :


    1) You will provide any and all supplies required for the service, unless stated otherwise.
    (any "possible" loss due to that nature is your responsibility due to being told to remove)
    2) When ordering with Dbuffed Services you must agree to remove any unrelated wealth off the account.
    3) You will pay up front, or use a agreed upon middleman at your own expense.
    4) We have the right to decline/refund/cancel an order with an appropriate refund at any point.
    5) Any bans/muted before/whilst/after your service are not our responsibility.
    (We only use **buddy/Runelite, you are free to request screenshots at any point/after the service)
    6) You will not log on to the service account(s) unless given permission otherwise.
    7) Failure to follow the above terms can result in your service being terminated with no refund.
    8 )  All payments are conducted via a ticket in our discord server, via an manager/owner.
    9) We are not responsible for any possible deaths on accounts such as HCIM etc.
    (This is due to possible disconnections/bugs and such with the game servers)
    10) If we are unable to complete a service, a refund for the remaining will be issued.

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    Bumping this,

    Please remember to contact me via Discord Dbuffed#0067 (345893819348287490 unique ID) or Skype at Dbuffedwinz for more! :)

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    Bumping this,

    Please remember to contact me via Discord Dbuffed#0067 (345893819348287490 unique ID) or Skype at Dbuffedwinz for more! 

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    I have had to turn my friends requests off so please contact me via PM for more information.

    Apologies in advance!

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