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    1080, 16gb ddr3, [email protected]


    My processor is my bottleneck, but OCed to 4.5 it has still been chugging along running pretty much all games, mostly high GFX settings, 120fps+.  I can run 6 runelite clients at once with no noticeable performance degradation.  I can run 2 VMs, running runemate controlling 2 clients each, as well as my PC running runemate on 2 clients, and still be mostly fine.


    Ive been botting for awhile with runemate, and wanted to give dreambot a try.  Went in full force, getting VIP, and obtaining multiple premium scripts to test.  I am highly satisfied with the interface of dreambot as a client, and the versatility of its scripts.  However, the performance seems to be far worse than I would have hoped for.

    I noticed at first using the in-client tabs was terrible for me.  I would up the memory allocation, open 2 tabs and run 2 scripts, and the client would lag out with the game engine crashing.  Opening 2 clients with 1 tab each seemed fine.  I can play up to 6 dreambot clients fine, but it seems to overload when I start to run scripts.  I can run 2 basic mining script clients fine, but if I do questing scripts on 2 different clients, my CPU stays at 100%, the clients start to lag, and only the one Im focused on will function.  The other stays frozen on a still frame, and doesnt do anything unless I focus it.

    I have turned fresh start on, not because I know what it does, but because quick searched have told me to try that.  No luck there.  Is there something I am missing, or is cpu usage just....abnormally high...with dreambot.  Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this?

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    Damn I'm gonna need this answered before I buy VIP.  I deadass could run 12 instances of Runelite on my main PC but only 2 active Runemate scripts, came here because I thought dreambot would be different.  Runemate along with 2 runescape browsers DRAINED my Ryzen 2600x.   

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