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    Passing the Requirements and building a farm in the process:

    Day 1: Create account, Hide somewhere within Runescape so you wouldnt be found by other players to be reported. use a script that will keep you logged in for 6 hours, run script for 12 hours. log out.

    Day 2: Create 2nd account, repeat for 12 hours. use the older account and log getting to 19 hours with script. Stop script at 19 hours then run account threw 2 Quests: Goblin Diplomacy (5QP) and Romeo & Juilet (5QP), head to GE and get your 100 total levels it doesnt have to be free total level, can be finished with a 92 free total level account.

    Day 3: Create 3rd account, repeat 12 hours and your first account is fully in play getting trade offers probably by now and your working on your 2nd and 3rd accounts.

    i find because your not making loads of actions within the game, just a single click every randomly 3-5 minutes give or take (before the log out timer for idling in game) and your not gold farming, your not getting reported by others or being noticed because you went to hide for the 20 hours your basically logging for.


    sorry if the codes dont work "properly" however its supposed to.

    simply use this as a Loop:

        public int onLoop() {
            if(!getLocalPlayer().isOnScreen()) {
                Status = "Stopping";
            } else if(getLocalPlayer().isOnScreen()) {
                Status = "Clicking";
                Status = "Sleeping";

            return (Calculations.random(325,825));


    full code below to keep yourself logged in for 6  hours or longer if you have the auto log in set up.

    24Hour Logger.txt

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