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  • selling 2 X 70/70/70 low level mains


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    1. Stats of the account :  Account 1: 70 attack 70 strength, 70 defense, 60 magic, 50 ranged and 30-45 in all f2p skilling stats to make it look more legit
    2.                                               Account 2: 70 attack 70 strength 70 defense, 50 magic (soon to be 60) 50 ranged (soon to be 60) 50 mining
    3. Account status (bans, mutes) NONE on either
    4. Login screen   Unsure what this means (just come back from 2 year break botting)
    5. Quests (completed) 22qp on account 1, 18 qp on account 2
    6. Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) None
    7. Minimum bid (price to start bids) 15m account 1, 14m account 2
    8. Autowin: 30m each or both for 50m
    9. Payment method: Accept osrs gold or crypto
    10. Trading conditions (middleman) : not quite sure how this works, however both the accounts have the original emails and passwords to that email with them. so once that is handed over there is 0 chance of recovery (not that id ever stood that low)
    11. Previous owners (if any): NONE
    12. EXTRA NOTES:     Account 1 is approx 1600 days old and has 14 days gametime, account 2 is approx 1400 days old with 12 days gametime (less chance of being banned ive heard)


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    apologies only just seen this, unfortunately think one or both now banned :( assuming you no longer want them and have found someone else? if not can check if banned


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