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  • Adding Metrics to Large Scale Farm (Discussion)

    Bot Tom Frag

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    Hey all,

    I've come to the point in my bot farm development where I'm starting to plan/develop a metrics engine for scripts. I plan on collecting information such as: gpPerHour, systemTotalHours (hours this script has been run for across all accounts), etc. These metrics will be factored into scheduling decisions, and used to select the best scripts to be run on each account.

    I was wondering what you guys think are some useful metrics to pull for each script. Those of you who have experience running farms, what metrics were helpful for you? Those who haven't, what are your thoughts and what could you foresee being useful?


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    Whilst I don't have any experience farming, I can give my thoughts on what I'd find useful if I was running a farm and why.

    • GP Per Hour (per Individual Bot) - This allows you to see if any of the bots are not as profitable even if they are running the same script.
    • GP Per Hour (all Bots combined) - Gives an overview of the profitability of the farm.
    • Uptime (per individual bot) - Easily allows you to see how long each bot has been running.
    • Total Hours (per individual bot) - Allows you to see if any bots are not performing as long as designed. This will also be helpful if you need to identify patterns between botting time and ban rates, it might help to avoid or delay bans in future. 
    • Total Hours (all bots combined) - Gives an overview of bot farm time.

    In addition to the above, it could be valuable to do things such as player counts in the area to identify players who are doing the same / similar task. This could help to identify which scripts are likely to heavily saturate the market and enable you to isolate scripts which occupy more of a niche. This might also carry the benefit of reducing other players manually reporting.

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