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    Hi everybody! My name is Doxie and I'm new here.... and I have a metric boatload of questions!

    I understand these are a lot so it's not a problem at all if you don't know or can only answer some of these. I really appreciate any help coming my way :)

    Anyways, I've broken down my questions into two categories below.


    Not Getting Banned:

    1. What are some botting 101 and not getting banned tips?
    2. What flags Jagex to botting? Is it just player reports or can they do things like measure your mouse position to see if it is natural?
    3. Are you less likely to get banned if you are a member? Is it better to start as ftp and then become a member?
    4. Are you less likely to get banned if you have a decent friends list?
    5. Are you less likely to get banned if your bots talk to eachother or whisper eachother?
    6. Are you less likely to get banned if you world hop?
    7. Are certain activities more likely to get you banned than others?
    8. Does misclicking help avoid detection? If so is that something wired in that I can call from the API?
    9. Should I change activities up to prevent getting banned? 
    10. Does having diverse stats prevent getting banned?
    11. Are older accounts 'less banable'?

    1. Do you source your emails for your accounts from different email service providers (eg. gmail) or do you do it from the same. If so what providers would you recommend.
    2. Do you automate the email creation and the RS account creation or do it by hand.
    3. How do you come up with unique names for your characters? Just a random dictionary to generate the name and then compare against available RS names?
    4. Is it better to bot on member or ftp? Why is that the case?
    5. What are some really dumb things botters do?
    6. What are some really smart things I can do as a botter.
    7. What activities are suprisingly easy to bot?
    8. What activities are suprisingly hard to bot?
    9. What are some beginning activities you could recommend me to either learn the API or turn a small profit?

    Thank you!!

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    Noted. Thank you very much for your response Tweak! Just about everything you told me is going to impact my scripting approach. I find #10 especially interesting...

    In any case, I'll be doing an A/B test on item number 11, once I get going. I'll be sure to inform you of my results.

    Thank you again

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