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    ** Willing to pay $USD or OSRS GP **
    ** I do not care if you choose to sell this after completion **

    Looking for a quest bot for the following quests ||| I am listing them in groupings, if you are willing or able to do even partial groupings of quests or some groups and not all groups I am still 100% interested:

    Group 1 (desert Treasure):
    Temple of Ikov
    Troll Stronghold
    Desert Treasure

    Group 2 A (Fremennik):
    Fremennik Trials
    Fremennik Isles

    Group 2 B:
    Throne of Miscellania
    Royal Trouble

    Group 2 😄
    Shilo Vilage
    Lunar Diplomacy
    Eadgar's Ruse
    Dream Mentor

    Group 3 (Monkey Madness):
    Monkey Madness 1

    Group 4 (Legends Quest):
    Family Crest
    Legend's Quest

    Group 5 ( RFD Legend + RFD Monkey):
    RFD Freeing King Awowogei
    RFD Freeing Sir Amik Varze

    Group 6 (One-Small Favor):
    One Small Favor

    Group 7 (camelot):
    Merlin's Crystal
    Holy Grail

    Group 8 (MM2 Prep):
    Eye's of Glouphrie

    Group 9 (desert stuff):
    Icthlarin's little helper
    A tail of two cats ** might be hard to code **

    Group 10 (random pre DS2 stuff):
    Ghosts ahoy
    Bone Voyage

    Group 11(End Game Elves):
    Roving Elves
    Mournings End 1
    Mournings End 2

    Group 12( random everything else):
    Elemental workshop 2
    Troll romance
    Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
    Great Brain Robbery
    Swan Song
    Creature of Fenkenstrain
    Haunted Mine
    Rum Deal
    Cabin Fever
    Enkhara's Lament
    Slug menace
    Hand in the Sand
    King's Ransom

    Grand Exchange buying is not required, but helpful.
    Stam pot Usage is not required, but helpful.


    I understand some of these groups are quite large, specifically the master/grand master portions and may not be worth your time. Again, if you are willing to do ANY of the quests listed above, let me know.

    I also do not care if you release this publicly once you are done. I just need as much of these automated as possible.


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