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    Hello everyone. Since there are not really many guides, I thought I would make one. For this chatbot guide we will be using shortkeys lite, the free limited version of shortkeys, so if you don't have that, go google it and download. Scan it for viruses all you want with any antivirus software, it's clean.

    Shortkeys is a macro but can be used for keyboard botting by repeating the command used originally to activate the text at the end of the macro, to repeat it. Here is how to do it:

    First open shortkeys lite from your start menu or desktop if you have a shortcut.

    Right click the open space in the program and select the option: "Add shortkey"


    Then click add shortkey, and in the box that says original shortkey type in something short that you don't use on the keyboard too often.

    Let's type in the number 2:


    Now for the long text. (Each time you type "2" This text will show up in it's place. In any game.)


    Now, this just means each time you press "2" the text will show, but wont send, so press enter in the same feild you entered the text, and then the number 2, so that the macro repeats itself, becoming a simple one line chatbot.


    Click save, like so:


    Login, making sure your username and pass don't have the number 2 either of them, or you'll have a bad time.

    Go to GE, and press the number 2 on the keyboard.

    If anyone would like to upload a video to add to this guide it will be even better.

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    But you have to be careful, shortkeys is a very fast macro, it may flood the chat, so I recommend using useless characters, to slow down the speed it sends messages at.

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    **Guide part 2**

    For more complex chatbotting you may want to type in something different after the enter key, and not the original shortkey:


    The shortkey in this image is "11"

    The text after the enter is 22, which triggers this to happen:




    and because we have typed 11, after the enter line, this shortkey brings us into a loop, starting from the first shortkey.

    Just type 11, or whatever text you use originally, ingame, to trigger the looping.

    I recommend doing this on a lv3 account on a virtual machine, because once the loop has started it may be difficult to close the program without turning off your computer. And you can't do other actions ingame. You can chatbot for your other account while multi-clienting, one char for actions and another for messages.

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