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    I dare you to find a cheaper service. 


    30 mins = 1.5m 07 or 10.5m RS3
    1 hour = 2m 07 or 14m RS3
    2 hours = 3.5m 07 or 24.5m RS3
    2 hours + = negotiable

    Deposit amount = 3m 07 or 21m RS3 (this will be refunded after the rental period)

    You will have access to an Abyssal Tentacle, Dragon Dagger (p++) and a Ring of Dueling.

    Contact details 

    Discord Name: Justin Langer#0425
    Unique ID: 140737208469422080

    If ever in doubt, always request a PM! I will never refuse.

    Terms of Service

    • The Price Beater term are based on the price of a one (1) hour rental. I am at my absolute discretion entitled to determine the amount charged per hour and am allowed to refuse for whatever reason I so feel like.
    • You will pay a 3M 07 Deposit which will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period if the account has been left as it was before the rental period.
    • You are not allowed to leave the duel arena W302
    • Timer starts when you receive the login details. I will provide you the expiry time of your rental.
    • You are not allowed to break the Runescape in-game rules (i.e. botting, scamming)
    • You are not allowed to real world trade or share account details with ANYONE
    • You are not allowed to live stream
    • You are not allowed to ask for a refund
    • You are not allowed to commission stake
    • You are not allowed to take any items from the account or break the whip
    • You are not allowed to try and change the password or email
    • You are not allowed to private message anyone on the account
    • You can only trade with your own account
    • I am not responsible for any bans on the account while renting. If it gets banned it is because YOU broke a rule. As this is my main and has never broken any rules, you will be held liable for the ban and I will be entitled to reasonable compensation
    • I am not responsible for any valuables on the account while renting
    • After your time is up, you have 5 minutes to transfer your wealth. Any items left on the account after this period will be deemed to have been forfeited to me. No exceptions.
    • If you breach any of the rules above, you will be kicked off the account and any and all items on the account at the time will be forfeit to me in my absolute discretion based on the severity of the infraction.
    • If you choose to end the rental early, you will not be refunded any part of the monies paid for the Rental Period.
    • Upon inspection after the rental period, if the whip is found to be broken, the Deposit Amount will be forfeit to me as reasonable compensation costs.
    • By using my services, you agree to the terms and conditions as set out above.
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