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    To reach me outside of the forums, my discord username is GucciPucci#0667

    I am currently in the works of starting some services, it started out with just a few friends doing quests and leveling for them but now I am offering these services to the public. I offer all of the following services:

    - Questing (prices vary depending on how many quests and what level you are) 

    - Handmade custom accounts will do tutorial island and take it as far as you would like for a reasonable price

    - Fire cape service ( Price low as 10m OSGP for main accounts) price will vary depending on level. *I do not do 1 prayer fire capes must have atleast 43 prayer*

    - Fighter torso service - 15m for just torso

    - Pest control service - 20m for full void and one helmet (25m for full and all 3 helmets)

    - Power leveling service - prices vary depending on what levels you would like

    Please fill out an application and read the rules below. to fill out an application copy and paste the text below and answer the questions:

    What kind of service are you filling out an application for (services are listed above) ?

    How will you be paying for the service? OSRS/Paypal accepted

    What are the combat stats of the character you are requesting services for?

    Do you have all the pre requirements completed to complete the quest you are asking me to do? (N/A if not for questing service)

    If applying for quest services, what quests do you want done?

    What is your discord username?

    The rules are as followed:

    1. unless you are a trusted member of the forums and/or trusted by me all payment will be payed up front before the start of any service

    2.  all services are non refundable and by filling out an application of service followed by a payment to either paypal or a payment of old school runescape GP you are confirming the fact that I have performed one of these services for the agreed upon price

    3. once the money has been payed and you would like to change your mind about a service before it has been started half of your money will be refunded but if the service has been started there will be absolutely NO REFUNDS under any circumstances

    4. All payments must be payed in full with either old school runescape gold or a paypal money transfer

    5. I am able to turn down any request for any reason that I see fit

    6. After you have filled out an application and posted it to this topic you can PM either on the forums page or on discord to discuss price and times.




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    quest service completed for the following quests for 2 different account for @nex 7 hours after the order was placed the following quests:

    grand tree 
    vamp slayer 
    tree gnome village 
    fight arena 
    cooks assistant 
    helping the cook
    fishing contest 
    freeing the dwarf


    open for services pm me on discord at GucciPucci#0667

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