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    • Duel Arena- Here you can duel against a random person or against a friend for any
    amount of
    gp! A fun and easy way to duel someone even if you don’t have a maxed
    account to go to the duel arena on! The way it works is deposit GP using the

    #Cashinand-Cashout-Request channel, you will be credited the GP to your account which you
    then can challenge anyone with to a duel! You both start at 100 HP and then you battle it
    out automatically for the total amount!

    • Chest/Key system- With our daily chest and key system you are given the chance at
    getting an item worth 8m+! By signing up and checking out the #free-gold channel there
    are lists of tasks you can do for points and increase your level which will grant you the
    daily chest and the keys. Each day the chest is restocked with different items granting the
    possibility to get RICH! Don’t be late though because the more chest that
    are opened the
    lower the chance of you getting items since there are only a certain amount in each chest.
    There is
    however another way that you can acquire the chest and more of them.

    • Voucher System- We’ve created a way to have us as an automatic middleman making
    buying/selling gp easy and reliable! Its simple, you can deposit your gp to buy the
    voucher and then sell it to another member for Paypal/BTC/Any method of payment
    you’re comfortable with. Then the voucher will be sent to the buyers account where they
    can play the duel arena, open chest, or cash it out if they please.

    • Buyable Ranks- By buying ranks you are given daily chest every 24 hours, ranging from
    $8 a month to $30 a month our buyable ranks will make you a decent chunk of change!


    • Can use the command !transferkey [user][amount]
    • Wallet Trading Unlocked for you
    • Access to Premium only Giveaways
    • Access to Premium Key Games for prizes
    • Access to Premium only chat channels
    • 4 Daily Chests every 24 hours (Automatic)
    • 4 Event Keys every 24 hours (Automatic)
    • Instant level 10 promotion
    • VIP Event key bonus package (15 Daily Chests & 15 Event Keys)

    • 8 Daily Chests every 24 hours
    • 8 Event Keys every 24 hours
    • Instant level 15 promotion
    • 5% off all purchases from Runegoldshop.com
    • Ability to advertise in the #advertisements channel
    • More Perk may be added depending on popularity • Exclusive Event key bonus package (45
    Daily Chests & 45 Event Keys)

    RuneGold Sponsor
    • All VIP and EXCLUSIVE Perks
    Custom Chat Channel that you manage
    • 8% off all purchases
    • Ability to Advertise on this Discord Server
    • Exclusive Event key bonus package (75 Daily Chests & 75 Event Keys)
    • 15 Event keys every 24 hours
    • Instant level 23 promotion
    • 15 Daily Chests Every 24 hours






    Join our discord now!


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    Currently 0-7 in the duel arena, JOIN AND FIGHT ME IM GURANTEED TO LOSE EASY GP!!


    But seriously, my favorite RS Discord server and i've made a nice amount of gp from it :)

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