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    I was banned on a main account of mine after safely botting it for months after I went and botted a 2nd (f2p) account on the same IP after ~12 hours.

    Every subsequent new account I've made and botted on (f2p) whether I set it up/played it on proxys or not has been banned within 24 hours or less.

    Are new, F2P, botted accounts just heavily monitored/susceptible to being flagged/banned?

    I'm asking because I've been working on a new main for a little while and it's members, and was considering trying to bot it from my original IP. I understand there's always a risk, my question is: is my risk any greater for having had multiple accounts banned on my current IP already? Or is it all strictly case-by-case (account-by-account)?

    Thank you

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    I have been botting on a f2p account using custom scripts for about a week without issue.  Since I am just running one account I am using a VPN.

    If you were using a commonly used script on the f2p account and that resulted in a ban that probably flagged the ip and resulted in your main getting banned. 

    To my knowledge, f2p accounts have a higher ban rate than p2p. Id suggest making sure your proxies are residential and not using free/heavily used scripts. Your original IP has probably been changed by now unless you have requested a static IP from your ISP, but regardless, if you proceeded to continue what you are doing on your personal IP you would likely see more bans and just flag that IP as well. 


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    So the proxys I'm using are residental, SOCKS5, ipv4. And idk I only use paid scripts with anti-ban and what not. The accounts I ran on proxys, most of them I didn't even run a script on when they got banned I just played them through the dreambot client so I could use the proxy address. I was manually playing them. I'd play them for like 4-5 hours, go to bed, wake up, and they were perma banned. That happened to about 6 accounts.

    I use GhostProxies btw

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