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    I've always wondered if it was better to bot on a busy or slow world. I just created two new bots. They will do the exact same actions, except on different worlds and I'll document everything here. 

    11/21/2018 Both got banned after just a couple hours of botting straight. Looks like I'll be going through tut island again tomorrow

    11/21/2018 - Banked all the garbage they give you at the beginning except shield and axe with were equipped. Killing chickens for a 20 minutes, then going to cut logs in Varrock for the next 5 hours. Using ION Woodcutting Lite not in automatic mode.


    Notes: Created two brand new accounts with random attire. Both are male. Not registered emails. Primarily focusing on woodcutting. If I'm not banned right away, I'll expand to different skills such as mining. I monitor the bots using google's remote pc extension.

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    Alright time to try this again. Two new accounts are created. Now I'm running #1Woodcutting by #hashtag, chopping evergreens north of fally where there's hopefully no one around. These are fresh accounts. I'm banking the logs. One account is on a very busy world, the second is on the slowest F2P world available now.

    If you haven't purchased #hashtags scripts, or are on the fence, just commit. They're amazing and work flawlessly. My last bot I ran excessively on yews for nearly 36/48 hours with only one 8 hours break in the middle before betting banned.

    Notes: Both accounts are not registered/verified by email. On tut island, one choose experienced player and the other choose new player. I wonder if this effects anything. 

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    I would assume they both have their pros and cons. I mean if you're never spotted due to low traffic and no one reports you.... you'll be fine as long as you arent stupid with your botting. With that said you'd probably get comfy thinking you're in the clear and not check up on your bot when some fedora tipping rando comes by to white knight question you.

    Busy worlds you're more likely to blend in but if your script is shitty it'll be blatant infront of a larger crowd netting you more report so Rip

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    On 9/24/2019 at 9:14 AM, master jinn said:

    I'd like to see data on this subject. I wanna make a couple pures

    I would have liked to hear how this ended. Unfortunately, I don't think we will ever know RIP david <3

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