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    If you happen to find an impostor of mine, please, post here or PM me the name here so others can know!


    My ONLY skype: (live:roomscape)



    @RoomScape's free Verified Middleman service: 6+ Years of experience!




    KNOWN IMPOSTORS! - Search them up on skype and block them so you won't ever fall for their scams!



    Skype: roomscape.osbot

    Skype: Jaggeman2.

    Skype: live.roomscape

    Skype: ucanduenizalti

    Skype: gaeshaw.pb

    Skype: Yehnikaro

    Skype: ahsrs.1

    Skype: RSTradingEoC07

    Skype: Alexx582111

    Skype: Arthur91202

    Skype: racklcityz

    Skype: toxicarcane

    Skype: smartboosts





    blue.png <-- Click this to add my skype! No more worrying about whether you added the right person! smile.png




    Watch out!!! Impostors are always trying to deceive you!! Make sure you pay attention when trading to ensure you're not getting scammed!!




    Why you should use me:


    Your safety is my number one priority!

    I've been a MM since 2010 and I have a lot of experience with trading to assure that you're safe and satisfied throughout the process of the trade!

    I have a lot experience with the marketplace and will do my best to keep you away from scammers.

    I'm a friendly person whose sole interest is helping you have a safe and successful trade.



    I can MM almost any type of trade including:


    GP for Membership.

    GP for PP/MB/WU/Other.

    GP Swap.

    Account trades.


    Other - ask me.



    Terms of Service:


    I'm not responsible for anything that happens after the trade has been completed.

    I'm not responsible if you trade with an impostor - my only skype is: (live:roomscape).

    If I'm MM'ing a trade that involves a code, I will apply it myself - I am not responsible if the code is invalid*

    Positive feedback - both iTrader and service (posting on thread) are greatly appreciated. happy.png

    Once we start the trade, my fee is non-refundable. If, for some reason, we don't start the trade, I will, however, give you a credit towards the next time I charge you a fee.


    *I will record all trades for proof if my trustworthiness is ever challenged*


    *I will record every trade that I MM. I will gladly show you the recording of the code invalidity should you not believe me.
    I would appreciate it if you could fill out the form below and add my skype.

    • Your skype:
    • Other person's skype:
    • Other person's Profile link:
    • Type of trade:
    • Deal thread link:
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    Most of your text is invisible on the white theme. You should take a look at that. ^_^

    I copy/pasted from another site and it's annoying to edit from my phone/tablet. :|
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