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    First 2,000 Runescape Players

    I'm selling one of the first 2,000 Runescape players to ever play, it has a pretty cool username login. No email attached. I do have a couple more of the first 2,000 accounts.

    "A long time ago back around when Runescape was a new game there was a carpentry skill but you couldnt train it, it just sat there. It also appeared in the highscores but everyone had 0 xp in it, because it was impossible to train, and the highscores only went up to 2000 people. Therefor the first 2000 runescape accounts appeared on the carpentry high scores, which was how this list was found."

    The List Of First 2000 Rs Players

    Login: login
    Stats: stats
    Bank: bank
    Ban History: bans

    I need at least $100 worth of GP for this account (2007 or RS3), with the A/W being $200.

    15 Year Veteran Accounts

    I also have 2 15 year veterans, which are listed below, I am taking offers. I also have more 15 year veterans. These accounts also have no email attached, and are MAX AGE at Feb 2002.

    #1 15 year veteran - also HARDCORE IRONMAN, I have no clue how this happened.

    Login: ausinstats
    Stats/Cape: austinbank
    Bank: austinbans
    Ban History: austinlogin

    #2 15 year veteran

    Login: babebank
    Stats/Cape: babebans
    Bank: babelogin
    Ban History: babestats

    9 HP Accounts

    I also have various 9 HP accounts, which most are 15 year veterans. Contact me if you are interested in these also.

    Add TL57 on Skype if interested (Runescape GP avatar, ask for a PM to be safe)

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    i dont know why anyone would really pay $100+ for these accounts... they have no stats or bank, just age which is really only good for RS3 for the capes.


    9hp might be cool if its 9 on osrs too but good luck

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