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    The time has come where I will say goodbye to my beautiful med level (and max main). Started out as a fun little granite maul pure, eventually turned into a 60 attack zerker followed by 60 attack piety. Before claws were released 60 attack was relatively weak against defence so I eventually turned into the account it is today.
    Unbelievably strong in almost any PvP scenario, normal Edge PKing, Dharoks/Hybrid-/TriBrid, MSB AGS PKing and almost anything you could have ever dreamed about. With both Rigour AND Augury unlocked, this account dominates everyone, from the Pures to the Max Mains. And with over 11+ free NMZ ring imbues, you will have enough Bonuses to fight the strongest PKers.
    But do not be mistaken, this account also has Zulrah unlocked and is great as your own little alternative account, to make some nice and extra cash on. With Rune pouch in the bank and points in the shop, Augury and Rigour you can not only do Zulrah but even Raids and hunt yourself your own little twisted bow.
    Oddstaking can also be a very nice extra source of income with this account, high HP and Strength and a balanced attack/defence build allows you to stake a very wide variety of players.
     DISCLAIMER: The account is over 3 years old and has been hand trained, apart from magic ( because who does magic without some help from our friend Gary?! ;). But unfortunately, it has been caught doing so and has received a 2-day ban for this.
    I am looking to sell this account for at least $250 but I am willing to negotiate about the prices, as long as it reasonable seeing the account has been invested over 200m into (Raids Prayers) and will hope to get some money back for the time I put into the account.
    The following link contains all the pictures regarding the sale of the account, if you need any more info I am ready to answer any questions within 12 hours.
    BANK PIC: ewRYizB.png
    QUEST POINTS: Lu2Ibnv.png
    BANS: U287h8e.png
    NMZ POINTS: kepGO2Z.png

    Still taking offers

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