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  • Anthem Skies Free Questing/Skilling/Tutorial Island Service! (OSRS/RS3)

    Anthem Skies

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    FREE Skill training:

    I'm new and wanting to help the community out! It does not matter what level you are! Let me know if you want me to do any skill training for free! However, for now until I have more time on my hand's, it'll be limited to this:

    Levels 1-40 (6 levels)

    Levels 41-50 (3 levels)

    Levels 51-60 (2 levels)


    FREE Tutorial Island: (3 accounts done thus far)

    I can completely finish tutorial island for up to three accounts at a time! Let me know if you're interested!


    FREE Questing:

    Let me know if you want me to do any quests for you for free! We can discuss how many! Experience: I had a quest cape on RS3! Done DT on numerous pures. 



    I am pretty new so I can understand how you might not trust me but pm me or skype if interested!

    Terms of service:

    1. By contacting me or posting on this thread you are stating that you agree with my terms of service.

    2. You will NOT log in while I am leveling or questing for you.

    3. If you log in or change the password while I am questing or leveling it will cancel the order.

    4. I will NOT change the password, however you should change it ASAP after the order is finished. (I will contact you via PM once the order is finished)

    5. If I lose anything on your account due to deaths ***CAUSED BY ME***, etc., I will fund it.

    6. Have the items needed to complete the quests or a cash stack. (some quests don't need any, if you need help figuring out what's needed, let me know)

    7. I am a busy person but will try to get the orders done as quick as possible and to the best of my ability in the ORDER THEY REACH ME.

    8. Everything will be completed by hand and by me, therefore any bans or mutes are not my responsibility.





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