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    I really need force left click for my script to function correctly and interactForceLeft works well until the fishing spots spawn on top of each other. It seems that getting the closest npc will not get the top-most npc which is why interactForceLeft is hesitant to actually click on it. I've tried finding the lowest or highest index npc, it does not seem to matter and will still stack with others on the bottom. I've also tried using getMouse().click(fishingSpot); to force left click on the entity, it does left click but it left clicks THROUGH the NPC without interacting it, thus trying to walk to it and not actually fish. I don't even know how thats possible :( Are there any workarounds? Thanks.


    Example code I use below:

    fishingSpot = getNpcs().closest(f -> f != null && f.getName().equals("Fishing spot"));
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    try this


    omg it works, bro ur a GOD, thank you! I've tried fishingSpot.interact(null); I never knew why I haven't thought of this!

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