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    As my current main recently got 2 day ban I will be botting up a new main. I know people will say "don't bot on main" and stuff but honestly I don't really enjoy the game

    the same way I used to back in 2007-2010.


    I've adopted this new hobby during the years to just bot for progress and I like seeing the stats grow. I've done gold farming and that's also fun but botting a main is like taking care of a pet. :)


    My previous main got to these stats:    (Will be selling this account since I'm not intressted in an account with 2-day ban on record because then I can't keep botting.)



    While I was botting my old main I had this project on the side. I got an account up to 40 range and started splashing as an expirment. Wanted to see how far I could get.

    The splasher is currently 67 mage and I will be starting my new main on this account. Starting by leveling the combat stats up. Updates will pursue.


    Btw: The only reason my main got banned is because I used a script from osbot. Never again will I use another client than dreambot. Botted for months with dreambot without any troubles as long as I kept it safe.



    I've purchased a private script from Banker thats currently in the making! It's a perfect script for "Main making" that I thought out. Can't tell you exactly what it is but I have prepared stats for it.



    Here are the current stats of the new main. Once the script is ready the stats are gonna go up fast if everything goes right!

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    I actually do the same thing as far as trying to train a main up using bots. Fortunately mine hasn't gotten a ban yet. It will be interesting to see how your new account progresses! I will definitely be following for updates.

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